Chun's portraits try to extract and portray the very soul or essence of the sitter, playing on the familiar phrase that 'the camera never lies' - a phrase which has become almost obsolete in today's digitally manipulated world. more

Kyungwoo Chun

FLW1A-012HC, 125 x 250 cm / 49.2" x 98.4"
The works of Bae Bien-U, a point of contact between the heavens and the earth

edition of 5 , c-print (color) facemounted on plexiglass
125 x 250 cm / 49.2" x 98.4"  frame 134x259 cm / 52.8"x102"

The unique eye of Bae Bien-U can be equally identified in his other works when he deciphers the point of contact between the visible world and the invisible world in nature as well as in the landscape. more

BAE Bien-U

Creation year: 2006     material: glass

Sometimes observing objects in a new angle gives unexpected joy of discovery in beauty or function. ONIV is a work inspired from the shape of wineglass which is upside down. In this way, the wineglass newly obtained both beauty and function.

The upside down bottom is suitably shaped to put something on. Romantic union is intended by combining a wineglass and a candleholder. If you read ONIV from backwards, you would soon realize where this word originated from.

Seongyong Lee

Read a table & chair
by Minnie Kim

Read a table book has only five pages. When fully opened, it becomes a base for a side table.

is a device that explores the many aspects of biosonic and infrasonic sound. Video capture from outside the tank is combined with the data from flow sensors inside the tank (measuring currents caused by the fish's swimming patterns). These inputs are combined to create audio and video output.

Sound Pump  is the new type of audio system interective with human's heart and blood circuration system...

35mm Camera design project which has a narrative background, the movie , "City of lost Children"..

RED MOON, birdseye maple veneer, MDF and plastic, 36x36x29 inches, 1998

BLACK CAT, poplar, plywood, leather and aluminum, 18x47x72 inches, 1999

THE COW IS NOT IN THE EARTH, mixed, 14.5x 14.5x64 inches, 1999.
* the door, the hide partof top rises in a vertical motion. Portfolio

Zip is the modern redefininition of Korea Tradition. General Exterior originate with a traditional' Straw shoes' of Korea. The structure and practicality of it is far superior than any other shoes.

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