"Duffy & Partners, the internationally recognized branding and design firm, expands its overseas portfolio with the redesign of Amore Pacific's Innisfree brand skincare line. The Innisfree brand was launched in 2000, as South Korea's first natural cosmetics brand and sold exclusively in 200+ Innisfree retail stores throughout the country.

Known as the leading cosmetic brand in Asia, Amore Pacific turned to Duffy & Partners to create a new brand expression that would capture the purity and natural ingredients of its Innisfree face, body and men's products. These new designs propelled a dual launch -the fresh look for the entire brand portfolio, as well as the introduction of the new Magic Floral line.

Innifree's old brand presentation consisted of fragmented design that struggled to unify messaging for the consumer. Through the new packaging, Duffy & Partners was able to create a consistent architecture and brand expression. New iconography was created for each product to complement the current logo.

Duffy & Partners also created a style guide for the Innisfree design team to apply across collections and product lines as they continue to expand the Innisfree brand. Color is used to designate each line while also enhancing the collection's meaning, strengthening shelf presence and reinforcing a strong presentation. A palette was chosen to reflect the pure colors of nature, with the belief that natural imagery can be easily recognized in any part of the world.

The Magic Floral launch has quickly became Innisfree's top-selling collection of all time as measured in both sales volume and revenue. Magic Floral performance was 30% higher than all other new products launched by Innisfree in 2009.

The refreshed design will increase awareness for Innisfree, as it plans to expand participation into major global markets in the near future."

Duffy & Partners

"My Milk Toof" follows the adventures of two baby teeth, ickle and Lardee.

ickle (yes, spelled with a small "i") and Lardee are made out of polymer clay and acrylics. Lee has five (or so) models of each tooth with varying expressions. She makes the other props herself and takes a picture for her stories with a DSLR. Lee also conceptualizes and writes the stories featured in her blog.

In the past few years, the success of ickle and Lardee has risen fast. Aften doing some self-publishing for notebooks and card prints, Lee was offered a book deal by Chronicle Books and will be released in March of 2011.

"My Milk Toof" is quirky, fun and sweet. It's a delightful trip that tickles the imagination with no age boundaries.

Inhae Renee Lee is an artist working in Berkeley, California. After moving from Korea to America at the age of 16, she became interested in pursuing a career in animation. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts and École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She is currently a full-time blogger and the caretaker of two little teef.

Inhae  Lee

Kim Riyu is a Korean Japanese ceramist whose inspiration of art comes from Hip-hop, Science Fiction, and Manga/Anime.

Kim Riyu studied Japanese tradition ceramic art, and afterwards, has been producing solid works based on the technique. Although the technical base is the tradition ceramic art, his artworks are not "craft works" but "artworks" with the powerful impression and the passion for expression.

Kim Riyu

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