Y&Kei Water the Earth
Beautiful Match, MAC for Y&Kei

2007 Spring Collection Movie  

Husband and wife design team Han-hee Yoon and Jin-young Kang opened the first Y&Kei store in Soho during the fall of 2001.  A little bit of punk, a little bit of avant-garde and a generous dash of femininity, the "Water&Earth" collections they have designed for the American market is "less about trends but more designer and unique".

Dress-up Games Y&Kei Spring 2007 by i-dressup.com

2006 tokyo designers week, maezm

RE_LOVE represents a new angle of love towards an object.
Combining useless chairs and clothes together will give the objects new values.
The period, when those objects used to function, also becomes a part of their memory.
For these purposes, they have started to collect useless chairs and clothings from people around them.

Wooyoungmi spring summer 2007 paris collection movie
Paris men's fashion week ended on a high, with top designers on show.

The speaker from Metal Sound Design has been created thoroughly based on the approach necessary for attaining natural sound. We can see MSD's strenuous effort to sublimate an audible system in a work of art.

CES Innovations 2005 Awards Honorees(High Performance Audio)


Museum (Dinosaur Pavilion), Haenam, Roofing company : ShinJanJin Roofing VM ZINC

Expectation, 08.2006 Magnolia kobus
Busan Biennale 2006 Sea Art Fstival Living Funiture

A magnolia indures a freezing winter and prepares to bloom on one fine spring day.
Magnolias bloom with a sweet gentle scent before the the leaves come out.
Narrowly escaping yet crossing two lines, tenses up the atmosphere. By displaying limited flowers between the crossing branches,this figure harmonizes the flowers and the empty space

Rebirth 08.2006 Boughs, Opium poppy

Opium poppy is considered as noble and beautiful as the Queen ‘Yang Kwi Bi’ from the Chinese Dang Dynasty in many Eastern countries. The Oriental style vase and the Opium poppy present a perfect match. Also, the wavy boughs and Opium poppies create a beautiful Oriental harmony with each other. The matching texture and color of the vase and boughs show unification and they make the vase look fuller. This piece of work doesn’t only show the beauty of the vase and the flower separately, but it shows the beauty of the harmonized vase and flowers.

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