Thievery in the Woods. ink on paper

The Bad Deed Goes Unpunished . ink on paper

Counsulting the Wise One. ink on paper

The Harpooners. ink on paper

Under Skin.  ink on paper

Jon MacNair was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of southeast Michigan where he developed a love of drawing. After many years of having people tell him "You should be an artist", he decided to attend The Maryland Institute College of Art where he earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in illustration.

These days Jon can be found doing freelance illustration for many editorial publications. He has also enjoyed success with his fine art, having shown work in galleries across the country.

Jon MacNair

Nice Dream (Victory series 1) 2008. pencil on paperboard 310 x 170 cm

BeBop.  2005 pencil on paper 110 x 135 cm

Seung Ae Lee

The Busan Lotte World Tower, originally designed by SOM and currently under construction, is already set to get a major overhaul. Developers of the multi-purpose 110 story tower and retail center have determined that the original rooftop garden is inadequate for the project, so they've hired Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab (YKH) to design an update as a way to amplify the visitor experience.

YKH have created a series of circular lawns and rooftop decks connected by raised circular pathways. The new space, called 'Way-Pod,' will increase the retail area and add multiple ways for visitors to enjoy the rooftop space.

Recently opened, SOM designed, Lotte Department Store Gwangbok branch in Busan, Korea requested Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab (YKH) to modify the existing ‘roof garden’ to allow and amplify users to enjoy the spectacular view of Busan Port. Additionally, the client requested us to find a way to increase ‘brand identity’ and ‘sales volume’.

Existing conditions of roof garden with two separate observatories were not efficiently designed and more importantly were not connected; there were a possibility to increase two floors of additional retail area. YKH have come up with a new idea called, ‘Way-Pod’; Way Pod is derived from I-Pod, creating a hardware that could evolve with time. Way-Pod is comprised of ‘Way’ – free of charge, elevated view corridor – and ‘Pod’ – with charge, entertainment hardware for fun, culture and event.

Architect: Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab
Location: Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea
Partner-in-charge: Tae Sun Hong, Won Jin Kim
Project Team: Jeong Yeon Lim, Dong Soo Jang, Ji Hyang Lee, Na Ra Youn
Program: Roof Garden, Observatory, Museum, Retail
Building Area: 19,835 sqm
Total Floor Area: 29,752 sqm

Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab

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