“note by note is a feature-length independent documentary that follows the creation for a steinway concert grand, #l1037... from the factory floor in queens to steinway hall in manhattan, each piano’s journey is complex - spanning 12 months, 23,000 parts, 450 craftsmen, and countless hours of fine-tuned labor”.

note by note official website to memorize craftsmen’s effort, spirit and passion which has been hidden in the piano, i made logos based on a form of tools they are using and their initials of names.  silkscreen print on wood with gold. 16x20x3in.

the possibility of each-phoneme system of hanguel
a poster for hanguel typography system. 584x841mm.

Hyoun Youl Joe

In Korea, we call ice cream bar as a "Hard," ever since the ice cream was introduced as the socity was westernized. During the Japanese occupation and shortly after, the old generation used to call it "Ice Keki"(Keki is a Japanese way of calling cake, which means Japanese address ice creama as ice cake). Howevr, the word "Ice Keki" is rarely being used in the modern days in Korea. Whining because tongue stuck to a fresh opened "hard" is the memory that all share as a child.


Black forest. tape on chalk board 2011 24x35 inches 

green forest. tape on green chalk board 2011 24x35 inches

Hong Seon Jang is an installation artist currently living and working in New York City. His work explores the recognition of surroundings and reflects physical fragility in daily life by transforming everyday objects into new forms that embody various physical and systematical forces in nature. In giving everyday materials new contexts and aesthetic possibilities with subtle reintroduction, he achieves to displace them from their original function to challenge the mundane and the embedded and preconceived ideas.

Hong Seon Jang

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