The Beast is Back 2009

Spirit Warrior 2010

Monkey King acrylic on board · 2009

Ghostfighter 2010

Ian Kim is an illustrator and Motion designer whose work has taken him through clients such as Gatorade, Dodge, Milk, Wells Fargo, Spike TV, Nike, and a ton more.

Ian Kim was born in Los Angeles, California in 1982. I have lived in several places in the US, as well as in Korea, Japan, Australia and Canada. Ian Kim was fortunate to attend high school in Toronto at the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

Ian Kim attended the Rhode Island School of Design for one year before transferring to Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Film and Television. I then returned to Los Angeles and have been here ever since.

Ian Kim

Brush study - Paintings & Airbrushing / Illustrations / Conceptual

Funeral - Paintings & Airbrushing

Gun suit - Paintings & Airbrushing

Kyung Hwan Kim also known as Tahra is a digital artist/concept designer from Seoul, South Korea. He has a wide range of techniques, from loose to hyper rendering. He says he enjoys the rough touch the most and he’s favorite artist is Yoshitaka Amano but who doesn’t love Mr. Amano.

Kyung Hwan Kim

'Landscape and Being',MI JU solo show
Fecal Face Dot Gallery, April 29 - May 22

There are only a couple of days left to see the paintings of Mi Ju at the Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco. A native of Korea, Mi Ju has been studying at The San Francisco Art Institute for the past year after getting her BFA from Yeungnam University in Korea.

“My work is an improvisation in liminality: between dream and concretized, ancient and contemporary, Korea and the West, ephemeral and eternal, the uncensored and codified. Each character, pattern and energy reflects states of consciousness that are revealed in the creative act, a form of both improvisation and organization wherein the uncensored is working in concert with momentary, yet specific compositional organizations. It is my intention that the work will be a place of meeting between memory, dream and fantasy, and concretized into meaningful visual terms.” -Mi Ju

Mi Ju plans to relocate to  New York to pursue her painting career and get her MFA at Pratt.

The more I look at Mi Ju's amazingly detailed work, the more I'm impressed by it. I just featured her in a post last week, but I stumbled upon some of her most recent works and they are truly mind-blowing.

To create her incredibly complex masterpieces, the 26-year-old uses acrylic, glitter, and lots of water on paper and canvas. "I don't usually sketch it out too much, she says. "I always start painting the eyes first, until I think it's perfect, because it makes me feel confident that I can complete the rest of the painting as good as the eyes. From there, the painting grows."

Mi Ju

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