For Instance, 2008
Amie and Toni James Gallery
City University of New York, The Graduate Center
Fabric (velour) & aluminum tracks

Yun Hee Min

The Performing City  2005 . ITO HOUSE (2005)  HOTEI, Konanchi, Japan

The Performing City  2005 . HOTEI DAIBUTSU (Statue of Buddha)  Hotei-cho, Konan, Aichi, Japan

The Hotei Area is located in the North West side of Nagoya, an area recently designated as a redevelopment site by a Government urban renewal program. The Old railway station, buildings and roads are being re-structured, as part of a modernization plan.

The Performing City is a site-specific project, which represented a ‘theatrical transformation’ from the old into the new. The Performing City was intended to include the city of Nagoya's transformation as a part of an artwork; it was also designed to influence part of the development plan (a new plan for repairing a statue of Buddha's was proposed by the artist).

Young In Hong

21st Century boys & girls golden mountain.
Gold pigment and korean ink on korean paper, 227x260cm, 2009

Golden area. Gold pigment and paper, 80x56cm, 2010

Sin Hye Kim

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