2007 Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro Concept

2008 Audi  Q7 Coastline V12 TDI

2007 Audi virtuea Quattro Concept

It’s the year 2057 and Audi continues to revolutionize through technology, offering a hydrogen-powered vehicle that combines artificial intelligence with avenues of self expression. This single-seat, autonomous driving machine functions as a solid unit at its core, while providing a myriad of possible holographic exteriors stored in a library and accessible through the vehicle’s interactive holographic interface.

Virtuea’s holographic exterior provides a variety of possibilities, allowing the driver to select from the most innovative designs from one minute to the next. The vehicles image can now be proudly displayed without environmental impact, as no physical materials are needed regardless of size.

Jae S. Min, Chief Designer at Volkswagen Group of America, Design Center California (DCC). The complex is one of three Volkswagen Group design centers worldwide, and the only one outside of Germany. Born July 22, 1971 in Seoul, Korea, Jae is the eldest, and only male out of two children. His father is an architect, his mother was trained as a ballerina, and although he says that a atch made in either heaven or hell, it also a recipe for someone who excels at designing structures that move gracefully through unlimited space.

The EGO, the world’s first compact semi submarine, itscockpit is located below the floating hull so while cruising about you always have a lovely view of what lies below. The windows of the EGO are made of special acrylic materials, mostly used in aquariums to withstand water pressure and enable light transmission for better visibility.

It features a top speed of 4 knots for 4 hours, and it runs for 6-10 hours on a single charge. Other equipment includes a monitoring LCD system, battery monitoring systems, VHF marine two way radio, digital depth gauge, foot pedal, compass and clock.


"Duffy & Partners, the internationally recognized branding and design firm, expands its overseas portfolio with the redesign of Amore Pacific's Innisfree brand skincare line. The Innisfree brand was launched in 2000, as South Korea's first natural cosmetics brand and sold exclusively in 200+ Innisfree retail stores throughout the country.

Known as the leading cosmetic brand in Asia, Amore Pacific turned to Duffy & Partners to create a new brand expression that would capture the purity and natural ingredients of its Innisfree face, body and men's products. These new designs propelled a dual launch -the fresh look for the entire brand portfolio, as well as the introduction of the new Magic Floral line.

Innifree's old brand presentation consisted of fragmented design that struggled to unify messaging for the consumer. Through the new packaging, Duffy & Partners was able to create a consistent architecture and brand expression. New iconography was created for each product to complement the current logo.

Duffy & Partners also created a style guide for the Innisfree design team to apply across collections and product lines as they continue to expand the Innisfree brand. Color is used to designate each line while also enhancing the collection's meaning, strengthening shelf presence and reinforcing a strong presentation. A palette was chosen to reflect the pure colors of nature, with the belief that natural imagery can be easily recognized in any part of the world.

The Magic Floral launch has quickly became Innisfree's top-selling collection of all time as measured in both sales volume and revenue. Magic Floral performance was 30% higher than all other new products launched by Innisfree in 2009.

The refreshed design will increase awareness for Innisfree, as it plans to expand participation into major global markets in the near future."

Duffy & Partners

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