Package Design for Leo Phone (KG920) Mobile phone package design 
LG Electronics Inc.  
Design: LG Electronics Inc.
Byung Jin Oh, Hang Ah Jo, Mun Hwa Kim, Young Seok Seo

  Designed for the first mobile phone to come with a 5-megapixel digital camera, the combination of black and fine silver lends the product a minimal, yet dynamic image. To express the image of a digital camera phone, we created a new frame structure that resembles the iris of the camera as well as a picture frame. The unfolding structure of the frame adds the fun element. The diagonally aligned frame strongly stands out and is exceptionally durable. In order to reduce unit costs, this package uses only paper and PET  both of which are also easily recyclable. iF product design award 2007

DMB receiver iF product design award 2007
Manufacturer: Ontimetek
Design: Fusion Design Sunwoo Nam, Lee Im Jung

  DMBO is a new mobile T-DMB receiver which is able to receive T-DMB signals clearly, even in a moving vehicle. Designed for use with a laptop/desktop computer, the USB interface is in compliance with the Korean Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) standard. After the DMBO player program is installed on a desktop or laptop, the DMB TV program is enjoyable at once. Boasting a milky-white, compact body which is only 1 cm thick, DMBO is as small as a memory stick. A dim light shines through a translucent spot on the body to indicate the operating state, thus dispensing with the need for an LED lens.

Rolly Cook Portable oven 
Design: Jin Young Lee

  Rolly Cook is a portable oven, designed to reduce the effort when preparing food and to minimize the risk of burning it. Rolly Cook features a central mechanism that rotates two cylindrical containers on either side. The constant movement of the containers prevents the food from burning. The heating panels can be adjusted for more or for less intense heat. Rolly Cook is compact, easily portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is ideal for outdoor use.

Emergency tripod  
Design: In Sik Chung

  A flashlight and a tripod as a multi-functional product design proposal. Used as a flashlight under normal circumstances, the main focus of this product is on convenient setup and small body volume for easy carrying during normal usage. It can be used as a warning light for nighttime construction areas or to secure a car accident area. When used as an emergency tripod, it is very easy to set up by applying same method as using an umbrella. With a body shape that goes from a cylinder to a triangle, it won’t roll down a slope. It has a comfortable grip and an enjoyable and interesting shape.

FLOR X01 / Starfish Seesaw
Design: Lee Kyung Hoon , Lee Jong Suk

  The vertical movement of the seesaw has been loved by many children for a long time. However, we don't feel the monotonous up-and-down motion of the seesaw is enough to keep children interested. Everybody knows that a seesaw can't be ridden alone. It needs a friend and mutual cooperation to maintain motion. The Starfish seesaw, on the other hand, has a wider variety of movements. Children using the Starfish seesaw can create many different ranges of motion, including horizontal spinning, back and forth motion, and the traditional up and down.

Finger touching : Wearable mobile phone
Design: Sunman Kwon

  Finger touching a wearable mobile device for enhanced chatting. It introduces a new wearable device that anyone can communicate with that is easier and lighter in mobile circumstances corresponding to the 3.5G, 4G communication standard. Human hand is the most basic communication method. For easier and simpler controls, it uses the instinctive input method finger joint. Excluding the thumb, each finger joint makes up twelve buttons. These knuckle buttons, based on the cell phone's 3x4 keypad, are likely to become the most popular input method.

CRUTCHair Crutch and chair
Design: Yong lok Kim

  In the Bible, it says: There is nothing new under the sun. From a designer's point of view, this means that everything in the world was created not by invention, but by discovery. In order to discover something, you need to listen to small but novel stories that happen in relationship to people and things. I discovered this story from people who use crutches and their environment. So, I conceived an idea of new crutches. The feature of the crutches is that it could use all the walls in the world as the back of a chair. The handle of the crutches may become a chair and make people's exhausted legs comfortable.

The Fire Place / Bonfire Gas burner 
Design: Yu-ri Lee

  The word kitchen is derived from fireplace, where people sat chatting around a bonfire. This fireplace, formerly everyone's kitchen, was a communication center and played a critical role. The tripod burner originates from the shape of firewood in a bonfire, with the logs leaning against each other. Just click one of the bar-shaped legs and the top outside edge of all three legs ignites. There is a sensor-adjuster on one side to adjust the intensity. With folding legs, you can carry this burner with you and use it anywhere.

winners for the iF concept award product 2007

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