Book:Pack - Sooyeon Koo
Beware of the quick consumption.
Single product leads us to purchase numerous other products.

A - Here is a book comes with a bag.
Inside the book cover there is a handle hole.
By opening the book cover it can be used as a bag handle.
B - This book can be transformed into a bag by turning the attached cloth inside out.

Rough phone, Sungyong Moon

Easy Watch, Seungho Lee

A watch that doesn't show exact time but talks what time it is around. As you touch the sensor on the front of 'Easy Watch', it tells you approximate time.

"One halfish." "Around 5." - Checking time all the time, we seem to be far from our friends, family, and own imagination. 'Easy Watch' doesn't interrupt our internal flow of thought with visual disturbance. 'Easy Watch' offers a thorough holiday which is actually all around us.
hongik industrial design graduate exhibition 2006 : Neureet

Independent art festival poster 1999

view finder in canvas poster 2000

Eye chair
Design feature is low backrest to support runback for ergonomic reason. It makes a strong visual statement in either the workplace or home.
Dimensions: Depth 660mm, Height 730mm, width 590mm

So coat stand
It’s organically shaped hooks can be smoothly rotated. People are encouraged to interact with the rotating arms, which form the key design feature.
Dimensions: Height 1700mm, diameter 380mm

Maru bed
Dimensions: Length 2380mm, width 960mm, height 400mm

The inspiration for this piece of furniture comes from the Korean word "Maru" which roughly translates as a wooden lounge area on the side of a traditional Korean house that connects to the garden. This space is used for socialising, eating, drinking, napping and so on. It seemed that this concept could be adapted for contemporary living and inspire a range of furniture solutions, one being a multifunctional bed that would work well in a teenager’s bedroom.

Jackie Choi
is a contemporary furniture design business based in London. Jackie Choi is made up of South Korean sisters Jackie and Lloyd Choi. Jackie’s background is in furniture design and Lloyd’s background is in fashion design

Jackie and Lloyd Choi of Jackie Choi London for winning one of the Mayor of Hackney’s annual Business Awards 2006. The awards are designed to “celebrate entrepreneurs with business acumen and innovative ideas that generate jobs throughout the borough”. The awards were presented on 14 November, and the Choi sisters won in the best new product / product design category.

2006 100% design london, ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair  2006

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