Architects: Archium
Location: Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Site Area: 383 m2
Site Coverage Area : 220.99 m2


Merry Cloud , 97x57x50mm, ABS
designer - Yu Ju Hyun

Tape dispenser to help you stay connected to nature in your city or at the office. This could be the sun shining through the clouds, or the seven colors of the rainbow hanging after the rain stops. Just place your favorite tape into the dispenser.

POP TOP Stopper,  85x40x40mm, PC, Silicon
designer -  Jae Hyuk Lee

“POP TOP Stopper” is a handy wine stopper to keep wine fresh and tasty.


Hyundai's E4U (the four E's are Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness) has a rotating front "sphere" allowing the 180-pound vehicle to go in any direction. Meanwhile, the vehicle, which includes a helmet that apparently doubles as the top of the "egg," has 500-watt motor that delivers a top speed of about 18 miles per hour. It's sort of like a Segway with a shell.

Efficient personal transport vehicles aren’t exactly a pristine example of new technology — they’ve been around for a while. Motorized scooters, mopeds, and the immortal Segway have all tried their hand at improving the way humans make their daily travels. None have caught on in any major way, though.

New York City is filled with people irritatedly waiting for subways, irritatedly attempting to catch cabs, or irritatedly rushing toward their destination on foot. Everyone’s late everywhere, and it’s not really their fault — they just don’t have a reliable way to get around. At the Seoul Motor Show this year, Hyundai debuted a concept for its personal mobility vehicle (PMV), the E4U. Though it’s shaped like an egg with training wheels sticking out of the back — certainly difficult to chain to a bike rack — the E4U is aimed to be an efficient vehicle for personal transport.

The eggmobile can maneuver in any direction even though its motor only moves in one. What makes this possible is, rather than a traditional tire, the E4U uses a semisphere that can rotate in all directions; it’s riding around on a ball. When the top of the semisphere is touching and vertically aligned to the ground, the vehicle moves by rotating the semisphere horizontally.

Since the vehicle sits atop and is able to move due to what is a multidirectional ball, the two training wheels prevent the E4U from spinning uncontrollably. In order to move the vehicle in any direction without hindrance from the training wheels, the E4U simply tilts in a direction, lifting the wheels up off the floor. If that sounds complex, it works similarly to the way a helicopter works. Imagine the semisphere as the blades, and the training wheels as the tail rotor.

Menswear Spring Summer 2013 Paris

Menswear Spring Summer 2013 Paris


RS-#001, 150 x 202cm, Digital print, 2012

RS-#001, 150 x 202cm, Digital print, 2012, detail

RS-#002, 150 x 215cm, Digital print, 2012

RS-#002, 150 x 215cm, Digital print, 2012, detail

Like languages, visual images are often used as symbols to convey meaning. Photographs, in particular, are the closest representation of symbols used in society because photographs can virtually turn actuality into reality. At the same time, photography is a medium that records events taking place at a particular time and in specific settings. From family photos to face pictures used in IDs, every photograph involves capturing the moment. Even if it is used as a recording medium by the most ruthless power or regime, photography never fails to evoke compassion. This potential for duality in photography constantly collides throughout my works.

Seung woo Back

LONDON FASHION WEEK AW13 , Runway photography: Elise Rose

Comfy warm winter wear for J.JS Lee with pastel wools in lilac, mint and faded baby pinks. The AW13 collection was a celebration of innovative knitwear that is inspired by native African tribes.

The oversized A-line silhouette was used a lot in a very sophisticated way with a seamless finishing. The front and back hemlines of the skirts were of different lengths while the dresses were tucked in at the waist. The sleek black dresses really contrasted with the oversized T-shirt and jumpers to create a powerful play. And somehow she made turtlenecks look interesting again. The signature collars and shoes of the Korean born designer were absolutely as great as ever. The open oxfords were decorated with a hint of fabric complementing the looks. Beauty was minimal with sweet soft pink lips and straight hair.

Absolutely new were the bags, a capsule collection in collaboration with Minor Term. This entails a clutch, shoulder bag and backpack made from cow skin.


Resort 2012 collection


phase of the moon . 2010 40cm x 55.5cm mixed media on paper

phase of the moon . 2010 collage, low-density polyethylene 37cm x 27cm x 15cm

measured emotions . 2009-2010

My work has involved the creation of conceptually based psychological objects and I use many geometric lines which helps me express my subconscious mind.

We can see people’s face emotions but how about if we can measure their emotions through shapes of geometry? Our emotions play an important role throughout the span of our lives because they enrich virtually all of our waking moments with either a pleasant or an unpleasant quality. I was wonder if we can measure our emotions with shapes of geometry.

To realize this emotional state in geometric shapes, I use many other type of colors and patterns papers cutting out images from magazines or vintage books using collage technique with mixed media such as oil painting or an acrylic.


Eva Eun-Sil Han was born in Korea where she lived for 27 years.  She was first introduced to collage in primary school. As a child she loved to play with papers, like “drawing paper, paper dolls, cutting them out, making their outfits.” She studied for two years at the Design Institute of Graphic Art in Seoul, Korea and one year at the L’Atelier d’Art de la Grange des Champs, Belgium.

Eva Eun-Sil Han

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