Less than Nothing: prototypes by Yeongkyu Yoo
Material ConneXion showed an exhibition of seven exciting prototypes of his own personal design from November 6th through November 9th, 2006

Light the Weight - This project has started from a point of view of why we always have to tab the button in order to get the light on. I have approached on a different level of how to interact with the lighting product with the users.

Pieces of Inspiration. exhibition at BMH gallery  October 14th 2006

Memories of Light is combined product of usual memo board and lighting system.

Lutus; Mr Orchestra 2007  Sound Sensitive Light

Portable Toaster  is portable and handy. The handle is carefully designed to enhance its ergonomics and usability. pieces of inspiration designs special objects inspired by surroundings in our daily lives. We are seeking to gain feedbacks from daily inspirations and to design something special.

The mind prism
Looking into the mind; Mind Prism by Aura Display Mobile Phone for better Connection
1. Earset 2. Nano Sensor 3. mobile camera 4. Touch sensor panel

Hyunbeen Kim

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