Number Orchestra (version alpha)   Hyun Jean Lee
interactive performing platform with generative data processing and sound manipulation system, 2006.5 , built with Processing, XML, Max/MSP

Cross-Being: Dancers (Spinning Screen)
interactive video and sound installation, 2004.5
m2 LCD Screens, spinning screen structure(two gears, 360 potentiometer, a rotary connector), a computer running MAX / JITTER, sound speakers

To create the splintered form of Jeewon Jung's vase, the 3-d design student shot a bullet into solid silicon, used by police in ballistics testing; the bullet's path remains framed inside. Maeda responded to the way in which Jung tamed an explosive force: "It's such a feeling of power," he said. "Seeing this made that feeling peaceful; it held on to the power, or rendered it powerless in this form." Henderson compared the vase to the Droog bench composed of chair backs affixed to a raw log. "The only thing I didn't like was the shape," Carlos said of the urn-like form. "I know he was trying to do an archetypal vase." 
DESIGNMAI 2005: Youngsters , ID Online

These vases are made by a gunshot. The bullet leaves permanent and temporary cavities in the gelatin that becomes a tunnel for a flower or random decoration in the vase where subversive energy turns into constructive art-creating activity. It is about how a product can be understood as social icon, not just be superfluous, and how it challenges our perception. The vase does not reflect a message of fear, but one of hope


Bloom Chair with paper modeling work. Chair that can be made easily and save materals Although this chair can be made with bending of an aluminum plate or plywood. the shape and function are flexible and sophisticated.

My Zone Part 1 -
A sofa which can lead the mental stabilty as keepingthe users distance depending on the their realationship.

My Zone Part 2 - A Continued series about Relationship between two people. A simple partition made of industral felt divides each other's space and makes privacy that they want according to their relationship. Duckyoung Kong

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