The Living

The Living Glass project by David Benjamin and Soo-In Yang, featured in Metropolis and Parallax uses a shape memory alloy to open and close the surface like gills.

Beginning with the premise that architectural elements might move in response to their environments, we conducted research on, designed, and built a full-scale kinetic surface. Our system collects input through an array of sensors, processes the input through BASIC Stamp II microcontrollers, and triggers local and global movement of a human-scale surface.

Information on Nitinol and other shape memory alloys can be found at NDC, Johnson Matthey, Special Metals, Memry Corporation, MIGA, Grikin, and the University of Wisconsin. Nitinol is an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratories.

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is the image representation of sequently stacked 1pixel-width video lines that are extracted each from the camera input. Timescape represents the apparition of the time-flow of the space, whereas photography is the visual presentation of the moment of space and movies express the space changed by time.

2005. e.j. gone, Byun Ji-hoon,  processing

products are based around the Dynamixel range of "serially controlled servo's.
Robots can be built right out of the box that are autonomous and that can walk around, avoiding objects, listening for your commands. For example, the sound sensor can distinguish between one clap and two, and respond with programmed behavioral changes. Sound and light sensors are built into a special category of servo that also has output and idler wheels.

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