FOLEE - The light which soak out thr wood from the inside the table and it decorates the space and the object which put above the table. and abstract flower shape inspires again the vital to the wood.

Electric Fish - The luminoscente system 'Electrick fish' is based on EL(Electro luminescent technology) bound together to a special hologram sheet. TKDESIGN

'virtual chandelier 2', 2006, mirror wall lighting, 'light bag', 2006, suspension lighting

bibi series (bibi, bibi-mama, bibi-baba)   Design Studio  Mika & Heni
Handmade ceramic tableware series.


2 Leg Walking Robot,  
Ron N'Block is proposing energy efficiency of Robot Technology through interpreting robot structure as an expert robot design company and try approaching various culture through planning product, designing and producing to popularize robot mechanism.

Ron N'Block

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