Sexual humorous

This collection explores narratives of sexual human body and addresses the question of palpable sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human being and the range of sexiness from subtle to extreme.

Tae seok Kang

Visual Illusion Through Textile S/S 2013

Visual Illusion Through Textile S/S 2013

Visual Illusion Through Textile S/S 2013

Emily Seulki Uhm is a London based Korean designer. She was born in Seoul, Korea and educated in Chicago and London. She gained her BFA degree at The Arts Institute of Chicago in 2008, and MA at London College of Fashion in 2012.

Emily works and lives in London and Seoul. Her label, Emillium launched in 2013.

"Folding Surface 6.9" / 2012 / threads, UV light, Dimensions variable
Solo Exhibition "DIALOGUE LINEAIRE" / galerie laurent müller, Paris

”The virtual space is not existing for me, my art is analog“ – this is a very clear statement for someone who’s art is always being referred to as a translation from virtual aesthetic to an analog space. But Jeongmoon Choi is fighting against that and emphasizing the core of her work: space.

"Construction" / 2011 / approx. 30 sqm space, threads, black lights
Exhibition “AMARCORD” / Gallery Fellini, Berlin

Growing up in Seoul, Jeongmoon learned to deal with limited space in a playful way while thinking about its presentation as a way to define social relations. The dream of the South Korean artist back then, which was to wander around her drawings, has come true. Her installations made out of strings create another world that enables the spectator to have a whole new experience of space; almost like an invitation to meditate.

"8.9" / 2012 / threads, wooden frame / 200 x 130 cm
Solo Exhibition "DIALOGUE LINEAIRE" / galerie laurent müller, Paris

What is really special about Jeongmoon’s work is the relation between material and effect, which is also proven in her current work “Drawing in Space“. Jeongmoon gets her inspiration from the constant transformation of her urban environment. But this doesn’t necessarily always lead to something positive. She has witnessed a myriad of changes in Berlin, where she has lived for over ten years now. Unfortunately, Jeongmoon’s atelier in Prenzlauer Berg, a mix of laboratory and workshop will soon fall prey to the redevelopment wave.

"Birdcage" / 2006 / threads, black lights / approx. 16 sqm space / 3. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin

Berlin based artist Jeongmoon Choi latest installation is pretty outstanding. Her 3D UV lights + Thread Installation dresses rooms by creating shapes and mapping with threads that she illuminate with UV lights. A genius concept that create beautiful 3D visual effects.

Jeongmoon Choi

LG EA9800 OLED Curved TV

The LG EA9800 OLED TV produce astoundingly vivid and realistic pictures, thanks to superior WRGB technology. This unique Four-Color Pixel system features a white sub-pixel, which works in conjunction with the conventional RGB setup to create the perfect color output. The built-in Color Refiner delivers even greater tonal enhancement, resulting in images that are more vibrant and natural than anything seen before.

The 55 inch LG OLED TV also offers an infinite contrast ratio, which maintains optimal contrast levels regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle. To complement the infinite contrast ratio and enable the richest color and deepest black expression, the LG EA9800 TV's High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm has been incorporated. This technology also ensures contrast ratio consistency and maximum color separation.

3D viewing experience on the LG Curved TV

LG’s Paper Slim design effectively unifies screen and stand into a seamless aesthetic entity. Meanwhile, Cinema Screen Design elements result in a narrow screen bezel which is practically invisible to the naked eye. A minimal bezel helps to produce a truly immersive 2D and 3D viewing experience. For installation versatility, the new LG Curved TV also ships with an easy-to-mount wall bracket that allows a single person to complete the entire installation. With less than a one-inch gap between wall and TV, LG’s design masterpiece can now be displayed like a true work of art.

LG Curved TV with Smart Touch Control

Additionally, Smart Touch Control further differentiates the curved LG OLED TV designs from competing models. This new feature results in a more attractive appearance and a better control experience. Located below the screen, the sliding touch key provides the user with an intuitive and elegant way to control the LG OLED TVs basic functions, such as changing channels and volume, and powering on or off.

Solid Beech or Walnut, Silicon O-ring, Food safe finish

3nub (circle): 10in diameter (10.875 with nub)
4nub (rectangle): 9in x 12in (with nubs)

Solid wood cheese/serving boards. Nubs with silicon o-rings keep boards from slipping as well as elevated to keep bottom clean and dry.

Patrick Kim

CRES. E. DIM directly refers to the musical terminology ‘crescendo e. diminuendo’ meaning to ‘become stronger’ then become softer.’ Designer HongBum Kim conveys these dynamics through the entirety of his collections as they play an integral role in his identity as an artist. Launching his line approximately two years ago, HongBum Kim’s CRES. E. DIM is fast becoming a reputable name among those in vogue. His pieces of art have already walked down New York, Tokyo, and Paris runways yet he says, “I’m still working hard to expand, especially to the UK.”

Staying true to his theme of Mother Nature, he states, “I transitioned the concept of my work from my previous ‘extreme weather’ collection to ‘secondary earth’ for fall/winter 2013. This time around, I used earth tones such as brown, black, and grey.” He respectively stays within the bounds of earthy tones by only incorporating an occasional color such a dark blue, maroon, or military green. The patterns on some pieces contain only slight blurs of color: never fine lines or shapes, as in nature.


Rude Dog Acrylic, on canvas_130x194cm_2010

Excrement of an Artist, Acrylic on paper_194x97cm_1999

A Leper in the Field, Pencil on paper_109.5x79.5cm_1990

Ahn Chang-hong, both in his own self and in his works, is a typical loner. Traces of wretchedness and splendour can be found alike in his paintings and the artist's obsessive interest in desertion and loneliness, alienation and anxiety, the bestiality of human character, fear and tragedy are displayed.

Through perverse and twisted portraits of himself and his family, An has already expressed his fear of and distance from the already torn-apart outside world. The fear that had made the eyes of the family members black and their mouths
wide open might yet be drawing a dark shade over his soul.

This dark aspect of An cannot wholly be admitted to his personal history or character.
It is often interpreted that the shades in our historical life, especially our gloomy social consciousness, that carries a weight with them, are reflected in his works. His method of representation, however, is far from being true to circumstances.

His inclination is more towards transforming reality into fables. In this transformation, An gives a dashing display of the fundamental tragedy of human character, the never-to-be-healed distortion in human character. This is the very reason I believe An Chang-hong is one artist whom we should cherish and remember.

Faces, Bodies, Souls, and a Life Story of One Artist

Ahn Chang-hong

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