shooo - 129,6x72.3cm, ink on paper, 1999-2000

shooo detail

yodeleheeyoo! - 79x108cm, ink on paper, 1999

foo-ha - 160x120cm, ink on paper, 2002

On first glance you might think you are looking at a traditional Korean landscape painting, but on closer inspection the presumed brushstrokes appear as thousands of tiny, grain-size Hangul (traditional script of Korea).

This painstaking process is Yoo Seung-ho’s signature mark, a form of poetry inspired by the surreal ‘calligrammes’ of Guillaume Apollinaire (where words make up a shape). With a sense of tongue-in-cheek humour, many of Yoo’s delicate works are linguistic puns that highlight the absurd difference between how a word sounds and its associated meaning. History is humorously referenced in Yoo’s works, which draw format, scale, technical virtuosity and spiritual rigour from traditional Chinese and Korean aesthetics.

Yoo Seung-ho has been praised as one of a select few of his generation who have rejuvenated the artistic and spiritual practice of the traditional arts in Korea. Graduating from the painting department of Hansung University, Seoul, in 1999, he has since been included in several international exhibitions, such as 'Pause: 4th Gwangju Biennale 2002' and ‘The Elegance of Silence’, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, in 2005.

Seung Ho Yoo

For Instance, 2008
Amie and Toni James Gallery
City University of New York, The Graduate Center
Fabric (velour) & aluminum tracks

Yun Hee Min

The Performing City  2005 . ITO HOUSE (2005)  HOTEI, Konanchi, Japan

The Performing City  2005 . HOTEI DAIBUTSU (Statue of Buddha)  Hotei-cho, Konan, Aichi, Japan

The Hotei Area is located in the North West side of Nagoya, an area recently designated as a redevelopment site by a Government urban renewal program. The Old railway station, buildings and roads are being re-structured, as part of a modernization plan.

The Performing City is a site-specific project, which represented a ‘theatrical transformation’ from the old into the new. The Performing City was intended to include the city of Nagoya's transformation as a part of an artwork; it was also designed to influence part of the development plan (a new plan for repairing a statue of Buddha's was proposed by the artist).

Young In Hong

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