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Visual art professor Ahn Sang-soo of Hongik University has been selected to receive the 2007 Gutenberg Award presented by the German city of Leipzig.


ben.bos dutch.graphic.designer. 2006.09.. kyoto.. japan.
seo.ji-won.. seo.ji-gwang, from.jeonju.

Somnio 003, 004 For a personal project currently under the working title "Somnio".
Seung Ho Henrik
Everything is painted freehand in Adobe Photoshop using a wacom tablet.

Somnio 005 For a personal project currently under the working title "Somnio".

Number Orchestra (version alpha)   Hyun Jean Lee
interactive performing platform with generative data processing and sound manipulation system, 2006.5 , built with Processing, XML, Max/MSP

Cross-Being: Dancers (Spinning Screen)
interactive video and sound installation, 2004.5
m2 LCD Screens, spinning screen structure(two gears, 360 potentiometer, a rotary connector), a computer running MAX / JITTER, sound speakers

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