The lobsters boasts of their armor, but we know that they are so gentle and soft inside. The hardliners,   the strong men we face each day might be like the lobsters. The Story of the red chamber mentions a    stone, unused, left out... It is a great story that can be translated into architecture.   Ntsa_Stone might be a stone looking shellfish which may hold the cosmic-complex spaces.


We occupy space with a body. The body is occupied by many smaller creatures. We deal with scales, many different scales. All of them at once, would be interesting. We enter a house.We enter a womb. So architecture must be a female, hence the female body. Of course there were times of obelisks and pagodas which were full to the core, thus male. We do not recollect having been in a womb. But, I am sure it is somewhere in our subconscious mind-body. What is fantasy? Fantasy is something realizable but never actually realized, because, we do not want to fulfill it. - Hoon Moon

Moonbalsso Hoon Moon

M-project  O.C.A  Architecture  JaeYong, Lim

Samsung-dong Empire Bulding, B1FL~7FL

Bumjin Architect

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