unsangdong architects designed 'kring' gumho culture complex. the building clad in steel features various circular forms indented into the surface for windows and openings. a cyclindrial walkway connects the various areas within the complex. it is comprised of offices, conference rooms, cafes and a creative space for holding public performances, events and exhibitions.

design: jang yoon gyoo, shin chang hoon + kim kyeung tae design
team: kim sung min, moon sang ho, kim se jin, kang seung hyeun,
kim bong kyun, goh young dong, yi na ra
location: 968-3 daechi-dong, gangnam- gu, seoul
use: temporary building
site area: 4110.9 square metres
building area: 3153.58 square metres
structure: steel structure + stainless steel, sandwich panel

'dancing apartment' computer rendering of building structure

unsangdong architects

Proposal for the Art and Science Research Center of Harvard University, as a part of the University’s Campus Extension. Harvard University has been extended through its courtyard, which has been the integral part of the campus. The proposed Art and Science laboratory tries to achieve it as its central quality and a way of extension. Vertically and horizontally scattering courtyards become the generative factors to create space around them.

JO RIN HUN    2004-2005

Reclamation of the site & Confrontation of modern and tradition

The site is located in the outer Bukchon nearby the designated cultural properties of Seoul city like rampart of Seoul. Hyehwamun, Kim Sang Hyeop's House. Many Korean-style houses are existed till now, but remained houses are removed at that with the housing development prevalence of multi-family house last year. So it is one of the villages that is in progress of modernization(?) and Jo Rin Hun is same case that is pressed with the high-storied neighborhood. It was a distressed situation to unavoidably remove the existing Korean traditional house as a position of culture destroyer.

The name of this house, NOKSUNGHUN, means ‘The house to think the future of life with hearing the sound of nature’.

IROJE Hyo Man Kim

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