colorful border 133cm 2007


Jinyoung Yoo

Mermaid, 2006

Extinction  2004  h: 16 x w: 16 x d: 12 cm / h: 6.3 x w: 6.3 x d: 4.7 in 

Girlfriend 2006   Mixed media  h: 13 x w: 5 x d: 3 cm / h: 5.1 x w: 2 x d: 1.2 in  

Sailor Mixed Media, Variable size, 2004


Finger's Madam.6_3 21x36x22cm 2006

Finger's Madam.6_2 21x32x22cm 2006

Finger's Madam.6_1 21x52x78cm  2006

My work consists of wearable objects and photographs of models wearing the object. They are a symbol of self-defence against physical, linguistic and psychological forces in the real world. As a blood scab naturally protects a wound on the skin, unconsciousness also instinctively aids the defensive system against psychological attacks from the outside. The most significant reason why this defensive system occurs is ‘fear’, which is caused by one’s previous traumatic experience. Fear has two extreme dispositions like two sides of a coin, consisting of defensive and offensive characters. When an animal is wounded, it becomes more violent and, consequently, more offensive. In my work, the symbol of these aggressive aptitudes is the horn. As you might know, amongst mammals, only herbivorous animals have their own horn as a defence from carnivorous animals. This is the compensation as a result of evolution to adapt them to the environment. - Jung Ki Beak

Finger's Madam.1_2 23x26x27cm, Finger's Madam .1_1 22x28x27cm 2003

Saw 9x5x15cm 2006

Hook 5x2x2.5cm Freddy 8x2x2.5cm Scissorhands 11x2x2.5cm

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