Kyuchul Ahn, Abandoned Doors, 2006 , Door installation

Asia House presents Through the Looking Glass: Contemporary Korean Art, an exhibition of works that confounds expectations, encouraging the viewer to look at the world in a different way.
The works, including several new commissions, encompass video, installation, sculpture and painting. They are deeply felt and fascinatingly diverse responses to the disruption within Korea 's recent history that changed the psychological and geographical boundaries of the country and its people.

Jeong-Hwa Choi, NO LOTUS ( 2006) Waterproof cloths, ventilator, motor and controller
400 (d) x 140 (h) cm (ea),  GREEN(2006) Plastic baskets 80 (d) x 500 (h) cm

Yeondoo Jung, Wonderland, 2004
'Snow White', Children's drawing, framed, 50 x 30 cm
'Snow White', C-type print, framed, 120 x 100 cm

Meekyoung Shin
Translation: Chinese Vase (2006)
Soap, pigment, stainless steel base, wooden crate , 59 x 59 x 71 (h) cm

Translation - Crouching Aphrodite (2002)
Soap, metal amateur , 65 x 47 x 109 (h) cm

Building With Book - Media Workshop Exibition
category : Media
duration : 2005, 9, 3~ 9, 14

duet-hineken, digital print , 140x100 cm , 2006, edition : 5
kim joon explores the tattoo as a social metaphor.

duet-superman, duet-hidesign

Joon Kim

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