Breathe - necklace, 2009, latex, iron, gauze, paint - 135 x 155 x 30 mm

Fachhochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim, Germany B.F.A., Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea currently Associate Professor, Dept. of Metalwork & Jewelry, College of Design, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

Breathe - brooch,  2010, latex, iron, paint - 150 x 150 mm

The sound of my breath calls my heart and wakes up my consciousness. I live the present by every breath I take. The present moment fades away quickly, but it becomes memories and those memories make who I am. Making jewelry is a journey to find my memories, which were made with my breaths. The jewelry made out of the memories start to form by themselves and make new memories.

Inhale Exhale - necklace, 2009, iron, paint - 152 x 193 x 34 mm
Heart - necklace, 2009, uretane iron, thred, paint - 180 x 137 x 48 mm

My work starts with the most general and fundamental meaning of living, my breaths, and shed a new light on the meanings that jewelry can have. The pleasures of my daily life can be found in small things, and making jewelry is like an escape from the daily life.

Heart - brooch, 2009, iron,  paint - 148 x 194 x 34 mm
Heart - brooch, 2009, iron,  paint - 143 x 189 x 37 mm

Dongchun Lee

Face4 2011 , 35 x 12 x 25 cm
Porcelain ceramic works, installed on the wall, inspired by Face

Face1 2011 , 35 x 12 x 25 cm
Porcelain ceramic works, installed on the wall, inspired by Face

Eyes3 2011 , 80 x 15 x 45 cm
Porcelain ceramic works, installed on the wall, inspired by Eye

Eyes4 2011 , 80 x 15 x 45 cm
Porcelain ceramic works, installed on the wall, inspired by Eye

Art is a lifestyle for me. Everything that surrounds and excites me is automatically processed and transformed into the final result: an artwork. It is fascinating to watch the transitions from life to art. The essence of my work is the human being and their everyday life. I find ceramic to be the most versatile material and it is suited to express my ideas. Working in clay is really deep and has much to interest me: philosophy, technique – so much.

In my work, I like to tell stories using symbols which are universal, when you look at my work you could tell your own story, and would interpret what you see in your own way and each work in the series is created to evoke a different moods and emotions. I am exploring abstract appropriated images from our culture and translating these onto the surface of my work. I feel that they address or allude to specific ideals that interest me. It has always been my goal as an artist to make work that speaks to the viewer on a deeper level.

My works are a step in my ongoing growth toward a personal and unique approach to clay. It is my hope that these images will provoke thought in the viewer. The characteristics and limitations of the materials is a fundamental issue for me. I make use of a working process which is based on analysis and experience. I approach my work in a formal and aesthetic way. That does not mean that emotionality and sensuality are set aside – on the contrary, I go for a cool expression with sensitive undertones and thereby join an abstract, new formalistic movement in contemporary art. - An Myung-nam

An Myung-nam

Seed in a Shell 2011, 29 x 37 x 37 cm

Blue Aqua Flower 2011, 28 X 36 X 35 cm

Landscape of a Sprit 2010 26 x 51 x 51 cm Blown, engraved and plished glass

Untitle 2004, Blown glass 111cm

The Wall, 2005 Blown, sand cast, glass; 13.4 x 8.3 x 8.3

"The investigation of Diatreta (cage-cup) concept challenged the limitations that are inherent in glass working. The pairing of two forms within on object allowed for unique methods of exploration within my series. The development of these forms encouraged infinite possibilities taken from histroy in roman glass as well as other influences. In this work, the Diatreta form took the position of metaphor for personal identity as well as embodying the nature of the human condition."

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