Brooch: L78
Pearls, found objects, beeswax, resin composite, plexiglass, copper

Necklace: L8
Gold leaf, resin composite, Silk cord

Ring: L6
Mother of pearl, found object, beeswax, resin composite

My observations of everyday lives and daily rituals, and my curiosity about the logic of each event have nurtured my work. Playing with conventional jewelry components, such as broken jewelry parts and gems, I am striving to create a dialogue about the subconscious pursuit of excess.

Having traveled around the world, I appreciate the organic combination of jewelry and the human subconscious. From an antique royal tiara displayed in a museum to a street vendor’s thrifty beaded necklace, the act of adorning and choosing adornments has always kindled on our desire for possession. Using uncomfortable visual associations about body fat, each object simulates the consequences of being excessively desirous. As these objects are adorned with gemstones and playful colors,however, the bitter reality gets sweetened up.

Ji Min Park

Unconscious #1 brooch- cable ties

Unconscious #1 brooch- cable ties


camouflage detail

Tomorrow sees the presentation of the TALENTE awards in Munich, prizes given for the best work in show from 96 young craft designers from 28 countries, chosen from over 500 students and graduates from leading colleges around the world.

The show highlights work in 14 different crafts, such as woodworking, textiles, metalworking, ceramics, paper and glass. A key criteria in the choice of the pieces on show is how closely the designers are concerned with both tradition and modern production processes, with an emphasis on exploring new materials, looking for sustainability and being inspired by nature.

Younghee Hong is one of many jewellers who are using natural elements, found objets and humble materials. Younghee Hong (USA/South Korea) creates pieces, such as the brooch above made from old cable ties.

Young hee Hong

Necklace: Connection 2010 Steel, enamel, ground rock
93 x 45 x 10 cm Photograph: Jim Escalante

Necklace: Connection 2010 Steel, enamel, ground rock
42 x 26 x 8 cm Photograph: Jim Escalante

Pendant: Connection 2010 Steel, enamel, ground rock
12.5 x 7 x 5 cm (L), 11.5 x 5 x 6 cm (R) Photograph: Jim Escalante

My recent work comprises sculptural units in which steel wire is used as basic material. As the basic structure is needed to construct a building, numerous layers consist of a form in my works. As I discovered another layer of personality which I had not been aware of, I began to be interested in the figures of the layer and induce them to my works. When a unit or multiple units complete a perfect structure or form, my jewelry becomes powerful and comes to life.

Human body is the perfect space to install my jewelry on. Only when my works, the body ornaments, get perfectly installed on the wearer, emotional and structural rapport starts with the wearer.  As in architecture, the site and scale of my work play an important role as well. As people imagine building an ideal house of their own, I also pursue building my house of jewelry on human body, too.

Hee jin Hwang

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