\\rd/CTL 31 Lead crystal glass

Yesung Kim

Lemon Squeezer  Porcelain

vase Porcelain glass 2006, vase Porcelain fabrick 2004

vase earthenware 2006,  vase porcelain 2003


The Gloves’ Dream_ Red,  rubber gloves, shell pearls, 18k gold

The Gloves’ Dream neckpiece & mirror series
The piece of jewellery is hanging around the mirror when it is off the body.Concentrating on the idea of extending potential of jewellery in terms of its function and aesthetic, I investigate the use of jewellery not only on the body but also off the body. I believe the decorative character of a piece of jewellery should be enjoyed when it is off the body which is not possible if it is kept in a jewellery box.

Min-ji Cho

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