Dreaming of life blown glass 115x152 cm, Dream & season blown glass 88x125 cm

The Sensory wearable
‘Like your voice’ leaves an impression on the skin after it has been worn. It becomes an immaterial ornament as a second skin. The mark left by letters is about emotive memory, the bracelet says ‘in the rain, sounds like a cello…in the sunbeams, sounds like a piano…like your voice’, the ring says ‘one day in April’.

'Lace Trace' wear an imprint of the jewellery involuntarily on the body, applying the ornament as a 'washable tattoo'.

Aurora Second skin by Lighting

Ornamenting the body is making it attractive and expressing beauty by a visual expression of sensory processes. ‘Jewellery as Second Skin’ explores the extended conception of jewellery from tangible to intangible ornaments. It creates emotional and sensory ornaments to the skin by lighting, imprinting, impressing and scenting.

Metalworks by Dukno Yoon

interested in movement and interactive relationship with the body, however in my thesis works, I also explore the simplicity of mechanical structure as a form despite its complex mechanical movements.
Being constructed from simple linear elements, the structure not only mechanically functions, but also becomes the most enjoyable form to me because of the integration of the linear elements and the transformation in which lines interact with each other.

Wings study I (Bracelet) / 2003, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel Wire / 4" x 3.5" x 2.75"
Finger Wings V / 2003, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel Wire, Feathers,5.75" x 4.5" x 2.5"

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