lookbook of menacingly delicious knitwear for Jas M.B. She recently exhibited her collections in Paris and London - and the buyers loved her work. The store Matches in London scooped up some orders and shops in Italy and Japan got in on the action as well.

Amautit Tassel Cardigan, Grey Amautit Scarf with Braid

In 2004, Jas opened Doors by Jas-M.B. in London’s Carnaby Street. The store served both as a one-stop shop for Jas-M.B. fans and as a platform for fashion students to exhibit their work. After five successful years, the shop closed in 2009 in order to focus on its international sales.

Now the brand can boast sales in over 500 stockists in over 27 countries around the world with exclusive Jas-M.B. stores in Japan and Shanghai. Since starting, Jas-M.B. has collaborated with many artists, young designers and established brands such as Louis Vuitton Japan, Simeon Farrar and Mihara Yasuhiro.

Now Jas looks forward to further collaborations and exploring more creative opportunities around the world while he is still providing opportunities to new and local talent. One of those talents is the Korean Jiwon Ree. Her knitwear collection came about by collaboration between her and Jas MB.

Doors by Jas-M.B

DELL'EST - strap detail bag, collection 2010 AW

Launched in May, 2007 by the designer Sung K, as the refined Italian leather accessory brand. Using metal elements with leather strengthens the style and gives the edgy and sophisticated look. The perfect mix of haute couture influence, wild fetish inspiration and rock'n roll touch, is for people who have strong personality, elegant attitude and firm self confidence.

Natural Leather & T.moro finishing
Python Leather & Silver
Vernice Blue leather & Python detail

All products are hand made by Italian artisans who have passion for high end quality _Made in Italy_, which enriches and completes the collection perfectly. The uniqueness of D E L L' E S T has caught attentions from major press (Vogue Italy / W magazine US / WWD) and important international buyers (Bergdorf Goodman NY / Estnation TOKYO / Lane Crawford HK etc) in theworld since its launch, and successfully expanding the collection sales points in the international market


BOBO wrapping scarves are based on the ancient Korean tradition of wrapping items with bojagi. Patricia Lee grew up with the tradition of wrapping everything in bojagi but discovered how beautiful and sophisticated wrapping items with bojagi could be when she visited her aunt in Seoul during  the early 90s.


Bobo Jumbo Sized Beach Wrap

“She fell in love with the beauty, simplicity and functionality of the wrapping scarf.” However she couldn’t find scarves in the US that worked with the bojagi wrapping techniques. She couldn’t sew much so her inspiration was banished to the back of her mind.

Almost 20 years later staring at the pile of waste created on Christmas morning the wrapping scarves came back to her. Patricia had a prototype made of her “bobos” and soon the BOBO Wrapping Scarf Company was born.

Patricia Lee, the author of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution, by Patricia Lee,  has done the west a favor by introducing us to the Korean  art of wrapping gifts with scarves and other fabrics. This fits in well with today's cry for more recycling and less use of paper which will result in less trees being downed.

This art evolved out of a way of life of the Korean people, who, out of necessity, tied up clothes, gifts, and other items as a means of storage, Lee explains. Now, that the country is more prosperous,  she is amazed at the way artistic oriented citizens are making art from what was once utilitarian.

Wrapping Scarf Revolution

BOBO Wrapping Scarf

Eugenia Kim Heart Cloche,  Belt Beret

Eugenia Kim is a hat designer that celebrities flock to. Kim Kardashian and  Paris Hilton are among those   seen out and about with a Eugenia Kim hat on. Eugenia is known for her unusual details. Vintage ribbons, chain, and leather trims  make otherwise standard and simple hats fashionable and unique.

Brooke hat, Hat Collection

Eugenia Kim believes that a hat can transform the shape of a face. her hats are made to flatter and complement, not overpower the face. A Eugenia Kim hat is like a sculpture meaning that it contours the flow of lines on the face. An asymmetrical brim accents the cheekbones, a large brim creates a mystery over the eyes with the shadow it creates, and a pink hat adds instant glow to the cheekbones.

Eugenia Kim

shoe designer Raphael Young 's life and aesthetic and Star Wars. Adopted by a family in Lyon Raphael learned the craft from his uncle who he interned under at YSL Making every shoe from stitch to finish, Raphael drew his influences for his fall 2010 collection from heliocentric theory, which results in heels and boots that look like a whole army of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader doppelgangers perched atop sculptural heels that could have been plucked right off the surface of a planet far, far away.

Raphael Young online store


Gear3 by saen

basic series 5, 6, 7

Ribshoelace black on black

Square Shoulder Bag_ black 

Flat Apartment

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