Vintage Polaroid bag restore - old Polaroid bag restoration

Ipad case & stand - Itallian leather

Dorayaki sholder bag - Itallian leather, Brass fitting, N.Irish linen thread.

Card case - Itallian leather, French linen thread.

Fabrique de Verne

Sexual humorous

This collection explores narratives of sexual human body and addresses the question of palpable sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human being and the range of sexiness from subtle to extreme.

Tae seok Kang

FLAT APARTMENT SS13 laced loafer platform

model no._ S13A-BL001 / BL002
color_ grey / black, material_ cow skin, pig skin, cork

FLAT APARTMENT SS13 open toe platform sandals

model no._ S13A-ES001 / ES002
color_ off white / green stain+beige, material_ cow skin, pig skin, cork



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