cow leather + polyester 100% , 30cm x 36.5cm , 2.5cm

Bonho & Partner

1600D Invista Cordura Fabric ,T-Aero Cushuning System(TA01DG-OVF),WaterProof Truck Trap Line (1000D PVC Paste Resin), Woojin-Duraflex Plastic patrs , Filament US Nyron Webbing ,Polyurethan Film Coated Logo Marking, 3M Reflrector , YKK Water Refellent Zipper


DADA LANE in 2084
This project started with dada. Specially Duchamp's readymade and spirit of dada, their(dadaist) technique of showing such as collage and assemblage .

Young Won Kim

Here is a collaboration of mass proportions with Suitman, Dita, Visvim and On Pedder all coming together on a defining collection. Renowned creative Young Kim aka Suitman is a pivotal part of the collection that also includes eyewear label Dita, fashion label Visvim and Hong Kong based boutique On Pedder. Transpiring his “Suitman” persona that is identified by a black suit and signature frames, Dita and Visvim offer a great platform for the products.

On Pedder, Dita, visvim and Suitman released their high-profile collaboration at an intimate gathering. The collection was put on display which includes eyewear with Dita and shirt-style aprons with visvim. Alongside the collection release, Suitman (aka Young Kim) was on hand to take candid portrait shots of individuals dressed in his iconic glasses and suit outfit.

American-Korean artist Young Kim also known as Suitman uses the suit and shirt attire as his key signature of his art. His projects span over two decades and Young’s passion of having others partake in his art founded ‘Suitman is everywhere’ photo session campaign five years ago. Every so often Young brings his camera to the streets and asks passers by to dress up as Suitman for a photo opportunity. Through his road show experience, Young created his unique ‘pull-over’ style suit and bib shirt set which gave convenience and comfort during his many travels.? After almost twelve months, the On Pedder x Suitman x visvim bib shirt collection will be launched on July 30th at a launch event in On Pedder. All items are limited in quantities and will be available exclusively in On Pedder store until August 15th, 2010. When in Hong Kong, be sure to check out the exhibition as well as the products.

Young Kim a.k.a. SUITMAN


The dynamic form of the human body is based on muscles. The perfect form veiled by clothes consists of various muscles. The various muscles are composed of numerous fibres. The numerous fibres have a line of their own. The combination of lines in the muscles is united but not the same. This creates a rhythm by repetition and also creates shape.

He Young Yun

British student Si Kim “best student winner” Handbag Designer Awards.
There was a strong British contingent in this years Handbag Designer awards, with 8 out of the 10 finalists coming from UK. Half of the candidates were studying at the London College of Fashion, the others from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design; and the Royal College of Art.

My collection was inspired by the different shapes present in nature, like for example the swirling shape of a seashell with its intricate pattern and texture. Or the fine detail in the eye of an insect, or the pattern left by the wind on the desert sand.

All these things we see, but not necessarily pay any attention to the continuity and the flow of these patterns. And then the stark contrast between that and the hard lines and angles in geometry and man made structures. My collection is influenced by contemporary art, but also by some traditional art forms such as origami.

Si Kim

Beer cap setting series (2006,2009)-It can be a necklace or a brooch


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