Kim Kwang is a graduate from London College of Fashion in a MA fashion footwear design as a JIMMY CHOO Scholorship Student, graduating at Fashion Design Womenswear in Central Saint Martins College.

Kwang before London studied in Milan, Italy at the Instituto Marangoni, receiving a MA Fashion Womenswear design with scholarship. Before he stabilshed his own label, worked alongside JIMMY CHOO in his "Couture Shoe Collection" as a footwear designer, for over two years.

"My first love is women’s footwear but I also still work on womenswear. My favourite source of material is genuine animal skin as traditional connotations to create a tough and modern silhouette. These designs are made for the independent and fiercely fashionable woman who is not afraid to clash her colours or stand out from the crowd. I push boundaries in combining masculine strength with feminine confidence, juxtaposing sensual proportion that exaggerates the female shape with dominant structural high heels".

Kim Kwang

The winner Chang Seok Ko worked with leather, denim, chains and tassels to produce intricate detailing juxtaposed with distressed silver heels, perfect for the edgy girl about town. Ranging from flat gladiators, perfect for day wear with neutral cargo pants, to sky high platforms for the more adventurous glamazonian woman.

Nails toe open shoes with Bronze heels

Nails Lace up boots

pecification sheets and Illustration

Received BA in Fashion and Textile Design from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and Worked for Esquire Ltd as a footwear and accessories designer for four years, before starting MA in LCF, engaged in own internet retailers includes footwear and fashion buying and merchandising experience. Overall winner of ‘London College of Fashion for New Look’ project in 2010 during this MA.

This project collection originally inspired by old and weathered elements by time in old city, blocks on the road, rusted pipes and natural materials worked by artisans, defending the aesthetic of aging suffering.

The collection utilizes three main design mythologies that were developed and practiced in studio. The bronze heel casting, leather distressing and oxidisation process of metal, have been continually developed, evaluated and improved throughout the collection, also mostly considered as the foundation elements of the visual and practical aesthetic for this project.

Using ageing techniuqes with natural materials, this project was produced to last a long time and as time goes on the shoes getting valuable, in fact to mature and improve like a Stradivarius violin or good French wine by time. This collection mature and getting old, the history of seeing ideas develop and start again from when producing all the shoes finish to loosing the purpose completely.

Digital Youth. Nexus Vertigo

Sarah combines digitalism with ethnical touches from Egyptian figurines. The imaginative patterns, the vibrant movement, its psychedelic colours and the beats of digital music excited Sarah to draw and explore its essential character. Today in the world of design she observes that many creations are largely influenced by digital effects, as in architecture (Digitecture) and in industrial design. Industrial designer Adam Cornish for instance created a wooden hammock inspired by the human spine: the consecutive and even lines created by this design piece inspired Sarah, who found such fine and orderly lines also in ancient Egyptian artwork. She also loves to fuse modern materials creating a graphic game of digital effects with more common materials to maintain the essence of classical jewelry pieces into a concise synopsis.

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