Pom-Pom Coat,
Photographer : Marina Magalhaes

Photographer: james finniga

London College of Fashion BA graduate 2011

I believe that fashion is part of art. Thus, I believe that people who work with fashion are artists. Until today, I have always been drawing and making clothes for my entire life. I think that passion for his work, and inspiration also, new idea are the most important things for an artist. So I found a very special technical idea. It was using wool.

About my concept, my mind was captured by such charming and colorful corals. Corals take a long time undersea to be created. They were very splendid, but did not look bauble at all.
I added some more unique sea creatures into my concept. The aesthetic views of the Rococo period―which I had been always fond of―, and the clothing that appear in the paintings of Antoine Watteau inspired me to do my work. During my life as a student learning about fashion, I have always wanted to make clothes that could make people happy and joyful when they looked or wore them, and that wish remained the same when I first started to do this work. Antoine Watteau and the people of Rococo aimed a truly joyful life, so I totally liked the concept I had chosen.

My last year's collection they were not simply a piece of fabric. They embraced my mind that I could barely explain in any kinds of language. From the beginning, I was very concerned about how I could make clothes that could really express everything about myself. I wanted to make clothes, which everyone who knew me would recognize that they were mine, just at a single glance. I am a very complicated person that it's even impossible for myself to explain in my own words. So I contemplated to choose the concept that could show all those complicated matters that build myself, including my taste and character.

I realized that the works I finished when before my work I only used my eyes and hands. However, during this collection I finished clothes using my mind too. I hoped to deeply move the people who see my clothes, and please them with joy also they can see fresh idea and colour combinations too.

Yeashin Kim

Believing that there are no boundaries in creating something new when it comes to fashion, Laykuni;s latest collection pays tribute to the elephant man. Focusing on his elegant side rather than his massive irregular, ugly looking exterior. From this point of view, an elephant man would be reborn as an elegant looking AWE man with wit and retranslation of creative developing.


FW 2012/2013

Since completing her MA in Fashion Design Menswear at CSM 2011, Kathleen Hanhee Kye has received enormous press coverage both in Korea and internationally. After completing her BA in Menswear at CSM in 2009, Kathleen had her first solo exhibition and was a finalist for I-D Dunedin Fashion Award. Instead of using conventional patterns, Kathleen’s design ethos is to represent new fun-loving witty unisex shapes.

Han Hee Kye

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