Believing that there are no boundaries in creating something new when it comes to fashion, Laykuni;s latest collection pays tribute to the elephant man. Focusing on his elegant side rather than his massive irregular, ugly looking exterior. From this point of view, an elephant man would be reborn as an elegant looking AWE man with wit and retranslation of creative developing.


FW 2012/2013

Since completing her MA in Fashion Design Menswear at CSM 2011, Kathleen Hanhee Kye has received enormous press coverage both in Korea and internationally. After completing her BA in Menswear at CSM in 2009, Kathleen had her first solo exhibition and was a finalist for I-D Dunedin Fashion Award. Instead of using conventional patterns, Kathleen’s design ethos is to represent new fun-loving witty unisex shapes.

Han Hee Kye

After studying at Samsung Art and Design Institute, Minju Kim is currently in her third year at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp. Her second year collection ’Love Power’ explored the theme of Korean girls who become cute lovemachine robots for boys in search of perfect girls.

Minju works with pure and concentrated forms of ideas. Her work can be seen as a reconstruction of the constituted ideal of beauty and non-beauty, on a visual and philosophical level.

Min Ju Kim

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