The collection from Yu:l&Me has a strong tendency to produce Haute couture lines with a characteristic of unisex designs, creating mixed harmony by capturing essence between traditional and modern designs that can also be freely blend with characteristics of east and west culture.

Yu:l&Me is a newly launched label by CEO of fashion consulting company mottoel, Rami Joo and independent designer, Yu:l Seo. By combining years of experience, with their passion and knowledge of the fashion industry. Rami Joo and Yu:l Seo unite to create the contemporary brand Yu:l&Me


2012 S/S BIG PARK London  Park Youn Soo

Launch of the diffusion line  fashion designer Park Youn Soo. The Big Park range for women is aimed at a younger market than the main line Park Youn Soo and includes a draped leather jacket and a daywear dress in a dynamic print.

Park Youn Soo

2012 Christie's Paris 9 Avenue Matignon

2012 Christie's Paris 9 Avenue Matignon

Johnny hates Jazz

Contemporary White is inspired by the gymnastic silhouettes in Olympic uniforms, Greek columns and Roman togas. The whole concept behind this unique collection is to embody modern holiness. Feminine draping of himation and togas meets the masculinity of Roman uniforms. The garments reflects contemporary style and the variety of asymmetric cuts creates a style that evokes aesthetic pleasure. The combination of chiffon and leather, fluid draping and staunch silhouette, light and dark colors, creates a rebirth of ancient holiness.

Eun-Jung has a background in fine art and next to her fashion design degree from ESMOD, Berlin, she also has a degree from University of Fine Art, Seoul.

"it was inspired by the film Battle Royale, explores the ideas of body accessories combined with outerwear using synthetic materials such as neoprene, cording, and rope. With the combination of color and shape, the collection portrays a futuristic narrative of dress".

Hee Lim is a Korean American designer based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2006 he moved from his hometown of Chicago to New York to attend Parsons the New School For Design where he received a nomination for Designer of the Year in his final year of study. He developed his professional career by working alongsided Wayne Lee of WAYNE as a design assistant and other numerous opportunities freelancing for private labels.

Hee Lim


Bumblebee Poncho Classic is a take on the original poncho which dates back to 500 BC. Perfectly suited for attending music festivals or watching outdoor sporting events. Poncho Classic maintains the original form with some addition of functional details. It transforms to messenger bag with six compartments.

BUMBLEBEE Poncho Cameraman

Bumblebee Poncho Cameraman is Pennant’s capsule collection with Korean street fashion magazin Cracker Your Wardrobe. Main concept of the collection is ‘Cameraman’. Poncho Cameraman transforms from photographer’s additional shoulder bag to waterproof poncho. Under the bag’s zipper cover, names of every photographer related to Cracker are printed. Cracker wanted them to not panic at the encounter of sudden rain and keep on shooting. Collection’s signature phrase ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and ‘Light, Camera, Action!’ are printed on the back and the side.


Bumblebee Rider Field is an M-65 inspired, transformable jacket. Bike riders will enjoy its Lightweight and waterproof functionality, while others may wear it as a versatile everyday jacket. Rider Field transforms to a compact messenger bag attachable to bike frame.
PENNANT is a collection of everyday products reinterpreted practically and functionally by Vent. These products are developed not only as merchandise but also as a platform to induce creative participation from various industries.


Spring/Summer 2013

Han hee Kye

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