Steve J and Yoni P are CSM and LCF graduates and Yoni Pai has already wowed the fashion crowd with her collection at the LCF Centenary MA show in January.  Steve J and Yoni P recently showed their collaborative collection on the Off schedule at London Fashion Week  which managed to balance Mongolian/Tibetan tribal costumes with modern contemporary wear.

Inspired by mystical Tibet, Steve and Yoni sent out a mouthwatering selection of mens and womenswear that has a distinctly tribal feel to it. Texture, pattern and colour (red, purple, burnt orange, olive green) are key elements in pieces that range from woollen coats and knitted jumpers to printed skirts and embroidered blouses. Models, both boys and girls, wore long plaits decorated with specially created metallic discs and we're loving those orange leather 3/4–length leggings with knitted cuffs, the leather top hats and the unisex patent platform slippers with sheepskin trims.

2007 SS Steve Yoni Studio Lookbook more

Steve J and Yoni P's collaboration with Topshop
sfdt 2007 winner

16mm Film Dress - Sophomore 'Innovative Design Project' -making clothes with non fabric material. -evening dress inspired by classic movies. -
16mm film , metalic thread

Check Print Two Piece - sophomore Cranston Print Design Project - working with given fabric by lottery. - concentration on problem solving. - Cotton, ,Ultra suede

Machine Knit Piece -
Junior Machine Knit Project - Knitted by Machine with hand-dyed marino wool. Inspired by pestoral landscape. - wool knit top and linen skirt

Junior Cut & Sew project -in the concept of feminine body silhouette and skin.
Synthetic fibers, - lycra and other stretchy fabric  more

Reforming Project - Cloudy Days
looked at the sky.. London,, there is always cloud.. some day I will catch them
Wool Knitted/Embroidery

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