Forbidden Quest 2006
Actors: Han Seok-Kyu, Lee Beom-soo and Kim Min-jeong Length: 139 min

Synopsis: Yun-seo, a world weary Korean aristocrat, and Gwang-heon, an old enemy of Yun-seo’s family, come together in the story of the Heukgokbisa, one of Korea’s most famous and lurid novels. The historical drama follows Yun-seo as, chancing upon an erotic novel, he decides to publish his own—and enlists Gwang-heon to illustrate it. When the Heukgokbisa starts circulating at court, the scandalous story takes on a life of its own.

Director’s Filmography:
An Affair (1998) - Writer
Rainbow Trout (1999) - Writer
The Foul King (2000) – Writer
Untold Scandal (2003) – Writer

Baeksang Awards—Best New Director (2006)
Vancouver International Film Festival—Invitee

The New York Korean Film Festival 2006
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Studio Flying film 2005 Forest of Nemi - Demo Film , Director : Gap Kim

There is a strange forest in a weird mysterious island which is named “Forest of Nemi”. And two brainy robot scientists have moved to the forest.

PieYas, a bright girl works in a factory brewing dark clouds with children’s tears
"I have to get out of here..." She meets a robot ‘Ugly’ and makes friends. Dr.Dorr knows all secrets. And they show PieYas a new world.  The secret of PieYas herself…
…and the huge secret buried under ‘Forest of Nemi’.

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