to let, single channel, HD, 08'20", NTSC, SILENT, COLOR, 2011

June bum Park

Mad Monkey Music Video 2007

Production : Studio Flying
Scenario : Lee Choong Bok, Kang Sang Kyun, Kim Gap
Producer : Kim Sun Ku
Chief Animator : Byun Young Kyu, Kim Sang Gon
Art Director : Oh Dong Wook
Camera Composite FX : Son Sang Hyun
Director :
Kim Gap
Music : Humming Urban Stereo

Kim Gap

'Pencil' Short film  Paul.K

Illustration, Animation, Direction: wormy
Music: CryingNut - Bek Su Il Gi (means Diary of a bum)


Mr.Chaos 2009 3Ds max, Final render, Zbrush, AfterEffect CS3, Premiere CS3

Directed by Ji sanghoon
concept design : Lu Bing, Park Jung Bae
character design : Ji Sang Hoon
3D assistant : Choi Won Suk, Kim Dae Gun
2D assistant : Lee Tae Roung, Kim Min Young, Park You Jin
music : Kim Eun Tae, Lee Jo Hee
sound design : Min Myoung Ki "Tune up Studio"
voice over : Hong Bum - Ki, Lee Moo Nyoung

Graduation work, Hongik university south korea, visual communication design department

Voices of the Near Future, (PAL DVD, 14 min, 2008)

Voices of the Near Future (2008) is a 14 minute video produced by Anders Bojen and Kristoffer Ørum during a three month long residency at Ssamzie Space in Seoul, South Korea. The fractured video diary centers on two unseen protagonist who travel to Seoul from Copenhagen, Denmark, in an effort to discover the future by means of a mysterious device.

As the two, whose names we never learn,  gradually discover the futility of their quest, they take it upon themselves to bring about the future by means of the device, making Seoul the futuristic city they had hoped for. Through deliberate misunderstanding and fictionalisation of their own experiences during their stay in Seoul, they implicate themselves and try to reach beyond traditional notions of criticality and analysis.

The grainy documentary images transitions into smooth abstract computer animations as the  video combines touristy travel diary and science fiction conventions, combining the identities of the artist behind the video with the fictional characters in the video. Implicating the artists own experiences and their fascination with and investigations of the role science in fiction and popular culture.

Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum

on line commercial for 'kai-aakmann',a fashion brand in Korea. 2009

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