Made by Humans (2012)
16k video loop, 36 channel Iosono surround sound
Hyundai Vision Hall, South Korea

Directed by Universal Everything
Sound by Simon Pyke
Post / CGI by Realise
Filmed by thecreatorsproject

Universal Everything

to let, single channel, HD, 08'20", NTSC, SILENT, COLOR, 2011

June bum Park

Mad Monkey Music Video 2007

Production : Studio Flying
Scenario : Lee Choong Bok, Kang Sang Kyun, Kim Gap
Producer : Kim Sun Ku
Chief Animator : Byun Young Kyu, Kim Sang Gon
Art Director : Oh Dong Wook
Camera Composite FX : Son Sang Hyun
Director :
Kim Gap
Music : Humming Urban Stereo

Kim Gap

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