Parking 2002. DVD still - You Tube

Like a young boy playing with his toys, June Bum Park guides and protects the people in the miniature play worlds of his video works with touching tenderness. Through a clever shift of perspective, the most ordinary of environments are transformed into extraordinary scenes in which the artist’s hands interfere with the forces and currents of our everyday lives in a way that is both comic and comforting.

In I Parking a regular car park becomes a playmat for matchbox-sized cars and miniature people as the artist guides the movement of cars and pedestrians, holding back cars to let people pass and maneuvering vehicles into safe positions. II Crossing shows Park’s ever-attentive hands directing the flow of traffic and pedestrians at an intersection. With devotion and patience, these omnipotent hands prevent accidents and betray the choreographed randomness of our daily movements.Played back at high speed, the ant-like actions of the people in these video works provide us with a humorous perspective on our own lives and portray an undeniable affection for humanity.

June Bum Park was born in Seoul in 1976 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Department of Art Education at Sungkyunkwan University in 2003. Park’s video works have been shown extensively internationally, with solo exhibitions including videos, Gallery Koch und Kesslau, Berlin, Germany, 2004; and crossing, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea, 2003; and group exhibitions including The 3rd Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Korea, 2004-5; Art Forum Berlin 04, Berlin, Germany, 2004; The Cobweb, (CGAC) Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Galicia, Spain, 2004; bizart video festival, Bizart Center, Shanghai, China, 2003; and reality bites, Alternative spaces LOOP, Seoul, Korea, 2002.

June bum Park

Google Search Pitch work for Google search about "art".
Recreated Vinccent Van Gogh's painting "Starry Night" with Google icons.
Produced at Buck

Swedish Health CarePitch works for Swedish Health Care. Produced at Psyop

Hershes Pitch work for Hershes. Produced at Psyop
Styleframe by Jungeun Kim, Kim Dulaney, Haejin Cho

O2 Production frame for O2
Styleframe by Jungeun Kim, Elements by Kim Dulaney, Haejin Cho

JUNGEUN KIM is a motion graphic art director, designer and an illustrator based NYC. At Psyop design department, she worked on numerous projects and pitches for clients such as Michelin, Audi, UPS and was the lead designer for Fanta Campaign 2009-2010 and Fernet Branca. She takes delight in working on character development and her own paintings and art works.

Also as a 3D artist, she has worked on projects such as Coca Cola Happiness Factory, Adidas Beijing Olympics, Converse My Drive Thru, Nike Shoxploitation and many others. She graduated School Of Visual Arts, New York in 2005 with a BFA in Computer Art. List of projects worked on: Fanta, Fernet Branca, UPS, Michelin, Esquire, Nurofen, Vonage, Milk(Spain), O2, Stella, and animation and CG for Adidas, Coca-Cola, Converse, Nike, Grand Marnier and etc.

Jug Eun Kim

Wonderland, 2008 Feb, Single Channel Video.  Still Image

Space takes on multiple definitions. For me, I understand space as the sum of cultural and social forces that act on me. Through the space, my body feels all changes around me instantly and intimately. When I move from Korea to the United States, my body became a gauge that felt my displacement and recognized not only the conformity inflicted on me in the United States, but it also allowed me to deconstruct the rule from my hometown that I had taken for granted as normal.  

Wonderland, 2008 Feb, Single Channel Video.

In my video piece, I attempt to convey the feeling of displacement and conformity by acting of walking. I perform walking forward and other people seem to be walking backward. However, I was walking backward in the real scene and I made it simply reversed. The space of being neither here following correct rule nor there following incorrect rule is precisely what I try to convey in this video.

Hye Yeon Nam

The latest music video for the French pop group, The Betwitched Hands, is a psychedelic a love story; “a metaphor for two people who miss each other”. It’s co-directed by graphic artist Sanghon Kim and Paris studio Machine Molle, in a mix of animation technics including traditional hand drawn and CG animation.

Sanghon Kim

Machine Molle

Strange Attractor 2009. private works

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1978, Kwanwoo lee is a visual artist focusing on Web, Interactive media and motion graphics.Having worked as CG Manager at Vkrdesign for more than two years and Creative Director currently working.

Kwan koo  Lee

Sooyeon Lee Grand SlamThe Table

Tennis Champ Stars in Matthew Donaldson's Slow-Mo Homage to the SportKorean table tennis champion, actress and former model Sooyeon Lee challenges herself to a high-fashion endurance match in today's film by NOWNESS contributor Matthew Donaldson. "It's a vehicle to show how extraordinarily elegant she is," says the filmmaker and photographer, who enlisted stylist Katie Shillingford to emphasize Lee's technique. "The sport requires the body to jolt into action in an aggressive manner that is mesmerizing," she says. "I wanted the clothes to accentuate these movements.”

Shillingford commissioned designer Geraldine Chevrolet to create bespoke fringed tights, gloves and a hat, pairing the custom accessories with neon, black and nude jumpsuits, dresses and leggings from Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, Jil Sander and Versace. Originating in 1880s Britain as an after-dinner parlor game, the Olympic sport of table tennis has recently emerged as the boutique pastime of choice, evidenced by actress Susan Sarandon's SPiN, a chain of ping-pong clubs which counts Lee as its ambassador and has locations in New York, Toronto and Hollywood. "It's become very trendy," Lee observes. "It's sociable, you don't need to be super athletic and it's good for the brain."

Black jumpsuit with fringing by Mark Fast; boots custom made by Geraldine Chevrolet
Grey T-shirt with fringing by House of Holland; blue skirt with fringing by Matthew Williamson; shoes by Christian Louboutin
Fluorescent orange dress by Jil Sander; tights custom made by Geraldine Chevrolet; shoes by Christian Louboutin
Fluorescent yellow printed dress by Christopher Kane; shorts by Vanessa Bruno; hat and tights custom made by Geraldine Chevrolet; shoes by Christian Louboutin
Gold dress with fringing by Versace; shoes by Pringle of Scotland
White knitted dress with fringing by Shao Yen Chen; skirt and shoes by Pringle of Scotland

Styling by Katie Shillingford
Hair by Raphael Salley @ Streeters
Make-up by Ayami Nishimura @ Julian Watson
Styling assistants: Nell Kalonji and Eluned Stephens
Make-up assistant: Mika Shimoda

Culture Code of youth, Corby

Corby CF is designed to arouse viewers' curiosity about whether it is a general UCC video or an actual advertisement. The combination of a UCC with an advertisement successfully stimulated the curiosity of teenagers and youths in their 20s, Corby's main customers, because UCC is one of the primary concerns of young people. Subsequent to the UCC videos, distinctive colors reminiscent of candy succeeded in capturing the attention of youth immediately, and the concept of Corby - dynamism and freshness - was also successfully expressed.

Client: samsung
Production Company: d'strict
Shooting: dextor lab
Performer: Prepix
Illustration: Park gyung ho
Character modeling: Kim mu gwang
Motion capture, Actor: unito-ent
Bgm: mika- we are golden
Sound design: Kim taek su
Animation, Motion design, Compositing: d'strict


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