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Plié Highchair, 2018

Material: ash wood, vegetable tanned leather

Dimension: W 45cm x L 41cm x H 74cm

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Wrinkly Handle Tray, 2018

Material: mirror finish steel, powder-coated aluminum tubing

Dimensions: L 34.5cm x W 49cm x H 15 cm

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Wrinkly Bed Tray, 2018

Material: powder-coated aluminum

Dimensions: L 43.5cm x W 63cm x H 24 cm

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Big Arm Sofa, 2016

Brand: Capsule

Dimension: W87” x H26.5” x D35”

Material: indigo felt, brass plated steel tubing

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Margaux Dresser, 2016

Brand: Nursery Works

Dimension: W46” x H49” x D17.5”

Material: Azul Macauba marble, steel tubing, solid ash with Baltic birch drawer bottom

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Wired Greens, 2016

Airplant holders designed to complement their most noticeably absent feature as plants: their stems!

Playfully formed to contrast the organic nature of the specimen, the holders were designed to work as mini stand alone sculptures when deprived of their green companions.

Material: Powder-coated steel

Chelsea J. Park is Lausanne based designer from Korea. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree on product design at ECAL. Graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Science in industrial design, she has worked with a variety of of design studios from around the world: TAF, vHM, Kyuhung Cho, Studio E.O, MDB, NONOBJECT.

Chelsea is always in search of weak signals, subtle indications of things to come, things to be, resulting in a research-heavy process structured around a strong affinity for color, materiality and form resulting in original and striking designs.

Chelsea J. Park

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Spring Collection 2017

In contrast to the exploration and curiosity of forms we had of making with Hot Wire Extensions, this a collection creating the most simple and basic structure using the process. Aimed for efficiency we used only straight lines and simple shapes that almost resembles scaffolding or basic wood work. However, when the object is finally solidified the simplest structure high-lights the smooth joints that the process creates in a very subtle way. Still containing the unique aesthetic of the process the objects connects with the audience through the friendly and familiar feeling of the objects which are the most basic archetypes of furniture.

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Basic- and Random Stool 35 x 35 x 48 cm (2017) and 32 x 32 x 45 cm (2015)

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Grid Bench 2016 66 x 100 x 50 cm

Embracing the knowledge we have gained through the previous collection. We aimed this collection to have the playfulness of the random structure we have made before and the strict straight lines of the grid. The far off elements when designing and shaping an object comes together effortlessly and beautifully. The collection consists of three pieces highlighting the elements in each design

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Random Table with Grid 2016 65 x 65 x 55 cm

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Wave Stool / Wave light 21 x 40 x 57 cm / 96 x 53 x 147 cm 2017

This is a playful series that contains geometric and controlled lines that can be created through a process. This collection, using curved wave lines and straight lines, shows you the imaginative figures that wires can easily make. This fun, but controlled form is made possible by our skilled craftsmanship of the process.

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12 Stools ‘12 - Hot Wire Extensions’ is a series of twelve stools exploring the structural potential of this process, showcasing the strength of the material and the flexibility of the process. Throughout its development, various methods and techniques of using the wire were discovered and successively refined. Each stool demonstrates a different approach, emphasising a particular technique of using the wire and composite

Hot Wire Extensions explores alternative processes of making and displays new potentials in industrial production by transforming line structures into solid bodies. The innovative manufacturing process reuses the waste nylon powder of SLS 3D printing. The process starts by building a shape from thin wire made from nichrome – an alloy of nickel, chromium and other metals – that fits within the dimensions of a cuboid container.

The wire form is placed inside the box, which is filled with a mixture of pure silica sand and leftover nylon powder collected as waste from selective laser sintering (SLS) – a form of 3D printing. The sand acts on one side as a filler material, by preventing the nylon powder from dripping off the wire, on the other side, it conducts and distributes the heat further away.

Sponsor SLS Nylon Powder - Digets2Widgets (London, UK)

Studio ilio is a London based design studio by Royal College of Art graduates Seongil Choi & Fabio Hendry focusing on material research and process development.

Studio ilio is passionate about seeking alternative environments in order to challenge and alter existing manufacturing processes and material uses. They believe that originality in function and aesthetic derives from a unique process. Their innovative products and hands-on experiments explore the boundaries between crafts and industry ranging from furniture to sculptural objects and installations.

Studio ilio

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The Pleats Chair is an aluminium chair that is lightweight and strong with a pleated structure. Corrugated structure is widely used in an architecture and a fashion in terms of the strong structure and the beautiful aesthetics.The Pleats Chair highlights both aspects with a carefully designed pleats pattern.

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My first approach to this project was to develop a strong yet lightweight chair. Aluminium is not only a good material for it’s rigidity and lightness but also recycling. The energy to recycle the aluminum only requires 5% energy of producing the new aluminum. The recycled aluminium generally can save significant amount of the cost over the production of new aluminium, even after the cost of collection, separation and recycling are taken into account.

In order to achieve an elegant aesthetic, a custom-made two-part mold was designed with a pattern of the pleats. These pleats are pressed on to the aluminum sheets with a strong pressure to make the body of the Pleats Chair.

The profile of the cross section continuous from the backrest to the seat smoothly with legs by sharing same radius. As a result, the thin shell of the body can stay rigid to seat on while maintaining a delicate aesthetic and a lightweight. The embossed pattern and the profile of the chair brings a unique character to the Pleated Chair.

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old friend lighting

I designed ‘Old friend lighting’ for my friend. I have an old friend from elementary school. I gave him gifts when he has a big event such as joining the army. In this time, my friend was getting married. So I made this light for him.

This lighting is story about two people who have different personality but similar. So this lighting also was constructed two geometry that is similar but different. One is edged, other thing is round. And they blend in with each other and make shiny light. Our lives and friendship were like this, and I hope my friend also would be harmonized with his wife in their married life.

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Naver asked us to new design the furnitures at their training institure where the existing furnitures did not function well in the educational environment. We started looking at the desk and made a series of furnitures to make the education easy and smooth. Campus One is the outcome, office furniture collection for the Naver traning institute in Chuncheon.

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The institute opened in 2014, it was designed in the light of architectural styles and interiors and the study on usability was continued based on an educational program. It was intended to refine previous inconveniences and make furniture that has the distinctive features of NAVER. As a project manager, I was in charge of whole process from concept development to design and production.

Ilseop Yoon

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