The Poke Stool, 2013
Photography: Stephanie Wiegner

The Poke is made in Finnish natural birch and oak. The stool is finished with a hard wearing lacquer to create a solid and smooth surface to make stacking and unstacking work effortlessly.

Oneness, collaboration with Hironori Tsukue, 2013
Photography: Stephanie Wiegner

Oneness is an extendable furniture system that consists of a chair and a low table as the core elements that are able to be combined into a open-standing shelf when stacked. The shelf can be extended vertically and horizontally by adding more chairs and tables, shifting the overall geometry and creating new relationships.

The character of Oneness changes with use. As a low table and a chair it offers a relaxing space to people, but when stacked as a shelf it is a place for our everyday objects. The multifunctional purpose and extendable system can enrich a variety of spaces from office to home, through its simple, combinable and modern form inspired by the fusion of East Asian and Scandinavian design.

Oneness is light, built with a Finnish natural birch plywood to make it easy to move and encourage people to compose their own structures easily. The structure is fixed by connecting each element with a clip inserted in to small holes found on the corners of the chair and table. The chair also has a secret space. When the chair is turned upside down to make a shelf, it reveals a hidden space on the bottom of the back for books and other small objects.

Chair Dimensions: 410 × 410 × 805 mm
Table Dimensions: 410 × 410 × 430 mm

kyuhyung cho

PURE MOLD   original,  vertical, spiral

The concrete that embroiders the cold gloomy city buildings has been transformed into a warm sensory item.

Made from Asbestos-free certified cement, not only is it eco-friendly but nontoxic. The incandescent lamp  has been tuned with  LED light to enhance energy efficiency  and increase its lifespan.100handmade, the pure mold is highly scarce with value to match, a truly well-made design item.


project assistant: Florian Freihöfer, Amelie Künzler producer: FREIFRAU

Juno can be construed as symbolic of a classic farmhouse chair. To create it, the designer implemented traditional artisanship techniques in combination with a variety of modern elements. In doing so, he succeeded in reinterpreting the archetypal wooden chair entirely, while still staying true to its origins.

The resulting piece is an impressive interpretation, but offers a great deal more comfort. The seat is made of a flexible, moulded wood shell that yields when it is leaned upon. Overall, Juno conveys a less rustic impression, and considerably more femininity. Juno is a sturdy yet elegant chair that inspires curiosity and has an almost sculptural appeal.

producer: Richard Lampert

producer: Nils Holger Moormann

Patrick Frey

As the number of single tribe increases, new alternative furniture for the single people is introduced in the living environment. They are active in spending money for themselves, and they prefer the furniture that reflects their taste enough. Moreover, they want the optimized products for efficient utilization of space. Traditionally, the strategy to save the space was to stacking or folding.

Differently from that, A intersection B’s approach is to putting another leg into a transparent leg, which provides visual satisfaction and effective utilization of space. A intersection B consists of a black stand, a tea table or a stool, a desk, and a book-box.

Those components can be added to each other and also be independent, which creates around 20 combinations with various functions. Such variety is based on the simple system of sharing the legs. Our needs and tastes were reflected in this furniture to make it more incorporated in our life.

Muk(默) Storage, Valchromat, Yellow, red, grey, green, W600 X D350 X H1720(mm)

din & dip

Coral, 2008, Zebra wood, Plywood, Gold Leaf, 18 X 18 X 20 Inches

Sasati, 2003, Mahogany, Leather, 17.75 X 15 X 15 Inches

Found Room, 2009, Plywood, Gold Leaf, MDF, Wenge, 71 X 71 X 146 Inches

Autumn, 2004, Walnut, 21 X 46 X 29 Inches

Taeyoul Ryu

Panca bar stool - Plank Products Manufacturers

Barstool, chromed plated metal structure, seat in plywood moulding, veneered in zebrano, ebano, maple or with plastic laminate.

Kim Taewan was born in Seoul, South Corea in 1972 where he graduated at the Hong-ik University. In 1995 he tranfers to Milan where he studies industrial design at the Istituto Europeo di Design and received his Master at the Domus Academy, Milan. After his collaboration with C.R.I.E.D. and Design Group Italia he now works for various companies in the Industrial and multimedial field such as: LG electronics Corea Imetec, Mentadent, Hyundai, Lego, Fiat-Lancia, Johnson Control, Plank, The Design and Corean Broadcasting Company.

For his design he obtains awards and special recognitions: Compasso d’oro (Piaggio); Intel innovation technology design prize; Flos/Osram; American Hardwood Export Council (award winner). He participates on national and international exhibitions as: Co-exhibiton with Arch. Simoni Micheli “Il sogno attorno al tempo”; Alter Point, hologram lamp “electric fisch”; Pitti Uomo, Firenze; Koex, Seoul.

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