Tripod Stool

Eunjin Jung,  Jooeun Choi, Junghyun Song

A variety of furniture is manufactured with the appreciation of personal taste. As time passes, the limitation of form has revealed. Regarding that even the same person can have completely different appeal upon the clothes who wears them, I tried to dress the chair, and transform it to a new one. The unique structure of the steel chair and my unique perspective to it merge together, and re_create distinctive chair. The combined two makes something rich and special.

kookmin university interior design 2012

One piece of lamp 2012 , lamp shade / W/D/H - 695x286x450 mm (large)
W/D/H - 475x286x450mm (small) / plywood PVC

One piece of lamp is a multi-interior purpose lamp, which is made with one layer of plywood panel. By cutting wooden sheet with certain interval pattern, the material comes to have an extending feature, which is very applicable to variety of interior objects. Thanks to flexibility of material, it has possibilities that it changes overall lampshade sizes as it assembles with another shade module.

Depends on length of each pattern or sustaining component size, it varies either overall shape of lamp or extension limit. Especially, the main essence is concerning about ecological issues, by using components as little as possible and minimizing Chemical material use which is ultimately affect environmental matter.  The design One piece of lamp has crystallized as it goes beyond materialistic limitation, fragility of wooden veneer with defining structural resolution and continuous implementation. Besides, it doesn’t confine only in wooden material. It is inclusive diverse material like PVC, PET and carbon paper with proper manufacturing method.  Basically, the idea of extending material is originating from Metal fence structure

"Studio inbetween" is Helsinki based design studio founded 2010 by Kiseung Lee, director who south Korean 27, is currently performing in Helsinki, Finland, does involve variety fields of design representing all aspect of our lives. He pursues and concerns how to affect surrounding with contexts through" dimensional interpretation" and own aesthetic approaches. To him, in particularly, Materials and forms are most essential elements among his design interest. In hence, We continuously try to discover new possibilities from geometrical features by approaching with different perspective or inclusive wide rage and spectrum of method.

Kiseung Lee

Window Chairs, Photography: Stephanie Wiegner

This project has been executed under the idea of personal experiences and emotional As the result, it is a high-back chair in the form of an ancient window. It is also a window-space that many of us long to sit into, merged into a chair.

Even though this traditional form of window is not used so often in contemporary architecture, it could still be considered as a stereotypical window shape remaining in history. The form does not only offer ornamental elements to the furniture, but it also triggers our imagination to open up deeper aesthetic values.

The decorative form also provides functional benefits, allowing various sitting behaviors. The weaved net provides a hammock-like comfortable back rest, also being able to divide space in a harmonious way.

Hwasung Yoo


Sean Yoo grew up in Los Angeles and received a degree in Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Prior to that he had also received a degree in Urban Plannnig and had worked as a city planner.

JEN - Sean Yoo & Maria Beckmann


Sean Yoo is a textbook example of the multi-cultural, globally fluent designers of his generation. He is a Korean-American, raised and educated in Los Angeles, started his career in Milan Italy, and is currently living and working in Mexico City. Infusing his design skills with his eclectic backgrounds, he has been working on designs that are rooted in utility but can transcend cultural boundaries. And as one of the handful of American designers working globally, he has quickly amassed a diverse group of international clients. In addition to Design Within Reach, He has worked for Casamania, Jongform, Sur & Plus, Frighetto, Felicerossi, Calia Italia, Next Maruni of Japan, Steelcase Inc, and Mobel Internacional in Mexico City.

Armadillo - Sean Yoo & Pablo Levy

After graduating from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in urban planning, he had worked as a city planner for many years. It wasn’t until he visited the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City that he realized what he should be doing with his life instead. He promptly quit his job, sold everything he had and returned to school to study design. He graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and after a successful debut at the 2001 Salone Satellite, launched his studio, Apt 5 Design.

LOTUS - Calia, Italy

In 2002, he became the first non-Italian in 20 year award history to win the prestigious Concorso Young & Design Award, which honors the best young design talents working in Italy. He has also won numerous awards including several I.D. Annual Design Review Awards, IWF Design Emphasis Award, Design Report Award, and the Grand Prix Award sponsored by Next Maruni of Japan. His projects have been published in 2003 and 2004 International Design Yearbooks and his work is frequently featured in Metropolis, Interni, Abitare, Elle Décor, Bravacasa, Blueprint, DDN, Ottagono and I.D. Magazine.  In 2006, his work was selected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Affair and the Design Museum of Milanto be included in the I.DoT (Italian Design on Tour) 2006-2007, a juried exhibition that selects, certifies, and promotes the best of contemporary Italian design products. In 2009, he earned his first Mexican recognition by winning Premio Iconos del Diseño 2009 from Achitectural Digest Mexico.

Sean Yoo

Dami  - The 'Dami' is named from Korean verb means ‘put in’.

Dami series are consist of basket forms and covers and available for different and various usage depending on form and size. It shows visual beauty as well as the structure of Korean traditional grille which has light and sturdy durability, and the combination of new eco-friendly materials called Valchromat and CNC processing technique make it possible to materialize modern objet with traditional beauty.

Seung-Yong Song


aureole is an outdoor table. Its beautiful pattern and stylish shape make it the perfect accessory for your outdoor space. It is made from 100% aluminum and comes in a variety of colors. As sunlight filters through the two layers of the tabletop, it creates shadows of endless patterns and shapes.

Me Young Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States in 2000. From an early age, her favorite class was art and she was always busy creating art projects. So it was no surprise that she set her professional goal to be a furniture designer.

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