bubble table 1200 mm x 700 mm x 450 mm fiberglass reinforced plastic

Everything in whole universe, it is formed by smaller units and also the units are. When you follow this road, you will find it endless. I believe there is a basic unit but I emphasize more on a formation itself. What makes these units to gather and why into such shape?? From this mystery, I had an idea. Even though we make a chair with many different methods and materials, those are just another formation that is formed by smaller units. So, I tried to show this golden rule by visualizing small simple individual bubbles gather into a shape of chair.

bubbles bench 600 mm x 1700 mm x 440 mm fiberglass reinforced plastic

bubble stool 450 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm fiberglass reinforced plastic

Jeong Seob Kim

Blue Table 靑漆環紋卓子

Table humidifier - Presents the style of gentle home appliance which can be in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere based on the shape of furniture. In addition, the efficiency of moisture supply is raised as the height becomes taller than existing humidifiers and has the function as an independent object that can be placed by itself in a room.

Air phone - A wire phone like wireless phone!  The air phone hanging on the ceiling supplies a wide radius for usage without the supply of electricity required by wire phones. The characteristic of product used by hanging on the wall is the result made by analog sense and humor of wire phones

Studio TAID

CINDERELLA . Attachable accessory. 2010

Cinderella is the attachable decoration for the ordinary furniture.
Cinderella, the art objet, will renovate the ordinary products to extraordinary ones

Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee

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