Dyad is a lounge chair which is composed of two sheets. This is structured by depending each other to become complete figure and this idea can be completed with linking two sheets each other. Molding sheets of lightweight veneer into gently curved shapes gives the hard material a soft, inviting appearance.

Centro 2009

Hong Kyu Joo

Steam bentwood. Chair 2010 Ash W550 x D550 x H900 (mm)

Tension. Shelves 2009 Steel W550 x D550 x H450 (mm)

Do Hoon Kim

SPREAD LIGHT is Jeongwon Ji’s newest ceiling light collection, the outcome of structural study in association with the notion of light and human engagement, and movement of forms. As a natural agent, light has a sense of movement by itself but in the case of artificial lighting, it is merely perceived as a source of illumination and ends up in fixed forms. What if human actions can destroy these commonly perceived forms to recreate dynamic and organic movements of light? This question is the initial concept for SPREAD LIGHT. People can recreate a rather still form of artificial light toward more dynamic movement of light.

Jeong won Ji

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