Amber Chair - Preserving Immortal Memories , 470 x 610 x 900 polymer, Thonet No 14

Layer of time appera though the visibile essence of amber. Extracting inspiration from this ancient material. Jaeuk Jung has created a solution to reflect on the final moments of decaying object. Michale Thonet's design classic 'chair No. 14" is forever sealed with the help of high technonogy into the amber-like chamber of polymer. An object from the past can live even longer, sharing classic beauty as contemporary design. Amber Chair is an indicaton about the present and future, through telling a story of respect and creating a new cycle for object.

Jaeuk Jung

Models sit on a new line of Wooridul chairs designed to help prevent spinal disorders. They include pelvic and chest support instead of regular back support. Wooridul Life Sciences Ltd. held a launching ceremony for the chair, which was jointly developed with Britain-based design company Tangerine, yesterday at the Renaissance Hotel in southern Seoul. The Wooridul Chair comes in 14 different colors and costs around 200,000 won ($180). 

wooridul chair

Dyad is a lounge chair which is composed of two sheets. This is structured by depending each other to become complete figure and this idea can be completed with linking two sheets each other. Molding sheets of lightweight veneer into gently curved shapes gives the hard material a soft, inviting appearance.

Centro 2009

Hong Kyu Joo

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