Harbor is an outdoor poolside chaise. Its light and sleek form with elegant curves is driven from the refreshment that poolside experience creates. It is fabricated from epoxy powder coated 5052 aluminum, but can also be produced in other material applications including outdoor mesh fabric and wood.

Verso, A paper plane, with its folded wings and sleek curves, served as the inspiration of Verso. It was created by a 3/16” aluminum sheet folded in a way to form an intricate layering of surfaces and was then finished with a white epoxy powder-coat finish.

Brandon Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and migrated to the U.S. in 1995. Growing up with a fine artist father and fashion designer sister, he pursued a design education at Art Center to explore his passion in architecture, branding and furniture after several years as a producer in the recording industry.

Quadrat Cuboid
White oak Cuboid flipped vertically.  Lattice Dimension: 16.5″ x 20.25″; Plate dimension: 12.5″ x 15.75″

Quadrat Cube
White Oak Cube and plate with leather seat. Cube dimension: 16.5″ x 16.5″; Plate dimension: 12.5″ x 12.5″

The Quadrat Series is a line of sculptural tables and stools that explore the simple and elegant form of the grid as a three-dimensional object. The name “Quadrat” comes from the German word for ‘square’, the formal building block of the lattice structure.  

The Quadrat Cube can act as a stool or an accent table. Similarly, the slightly larger Quadrat Cuboid can either be used as a coffee table or as a taller end table when flipped on its side.

PELLE are Korean-American designer Jean Pelle and German designer Oliver Pelle who met and studied at the Yale School of Architecture. From their studio in Red Hook Brooklyn they create lighting, furniture, interiors and architecture. Their inspiration comes from observing and re-imagining the possibilities of objects and spaces around them. Ultimately, their work is about a search for a unique beauty that is within the materials and forms they find in their process.


Candle Lamp 2011.  Manufacturer: OC design

Candle Lamp 2011.  Manufacturer: OC design

Seh Wan Oh

Atom Chair 2011 ICFF

shawn soh

Cone light

The Cone light was designed by using the shape of a ‘orange parking cone’ wherever we can look. The Cone Light made by ceramic material uses the formativeness of cone. And it is possible to stand by itself. It has the two exit of light. The upper one lights for users place, the lower other lights for ordinary behavior to put a pen, glasses and a key. The Cone lighting is simple, but help daily behavior of table lighting.

Leaf vase 2011 Prototype

The natural method of vase is making the base to be able to supply water and arranging flowers. Leaf Vase suggests more simple and easy way. It can be used as a vase, using cups around in us with the clip which is at the back of it. And It reduces risk of damage such as a glass and a ceramic as it was made by a silicon.

Bracket 2011

This Bracket is made to keep pens inside and also held a small note. People normally do not keep full of pens in the holder that we use everyday, so pens are tangled up together in there and make empty space. This Bracket can keep almost same amounts of pen as the ordinary holder and rather organize pens more evenly. Moreover, this fits into a blank space in the center of the bigger size 'Blank' and 'Blank' is just fixed on the desk, but 'Bracket' can be used flexibly. People hereby enjoy a holder for pens and a small note from 'Bracket' so make a habit of keeping memo.

h comma

Contemporary swivel armchair 049 ANTHEIA by jackie Choi design from TONON.

“Injected fire retardant foam shell with self supporting structure in high resistance steel. Sled base or round base in polished chrome steel. The round base with central column has a 360° swivel with memory

Crystal 057

Crystal too 058

Steel frame covered with injected flame retardant polyurethane foam.
Central column and four spoke base in polished aluminium.
360° swivel with memory return.

jackie Choi

Listen to your hands 2011

Listen to your hands is about how we can make a relationship with inanimate things in our domestic space, like furniture. How we connect to the furniture around us, how we experience and communicate with it.

Listen to your hands looks at the most sensitive of human senses, touch; it communicates a whole world of information to us and it explores how we can create a relationship to an object, a sort of dialogue, through touch.

Listen to your hands is a desk with drawers. A push of one drawer pulls out another as if in direct conversation with the action. A gentle closing of a drawer keeps the others intact thus communicating to us that we need to act with intention, we need to listen with our hands.

Lee, Sang hyeok

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