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Drape, Versatile Furnishing Unit, 2017

Drape is a multi-use furnishing module for numerous configurations. The sand cast aluminum unit is inspired by curtain panels and appears to suspend from the surfaces placed on top. The corrugated shape gives the stability while keeping it as minimal as possible. Books can also be placed in those folds of drapery. Elegant, yet sturdy, Drape combines a graphical aesthetic and structural integrity. Produced in small batches, each result varies from one to another.

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Graft, Table, 2017

The Graft is a hand-made collection, investigating traditional carpentry, with a modern twist. A joint is formed by two surfaces abutting at an angle of 45 degrees. The result is not only stronger in joints but it also offers dynamic visuals at every angle.

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CityCamera, Space & bespoke furniture, 2017

Bespoke furniture and interior concept for City Camera a ‘photography multi-space’ where camera shop, photography bookstore, gallery, art project space and cafe coexist. In Itaewon/Hannam-dong, Seoul.

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Joist, Candle Holder, 2016

Joist is a utilitarian, yet sophisticated candle holder made from extruded brass. The cross-sectional profile is carefully resized and refined for extrusion. While horizontal flanges work both as a base and as a handle, a vertical web supports the candle in place. Joist is a single candle holder, but it can also be extruded longer as a candelabra.

It is the part of an ongoing object series, including a tray, a bowl, and a paperweight, discovering many possibilities of the iconic construction beam.

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Joist, I-beam inspired pencil tray. Made of Brass. Size 190x60x50 mm.

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Oblik, Coat Hanger, 2016

Oblik is a vertical coat rack designed for small spaces. Initially made from scrap pieces of solid oak at a workshop, it is a result of the simple production with basic wood machinery. Hooks are cut in angle and rounded off for garments to be hung. Oblik is available in two different versions – wall-mounted or hanging from the ceiling.

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The RSVP archiving series designed in collaboration with artist Kim Daun

TIEL, a Seoul-based multidisciplinary creative practice, brings together the minds of Charlotte Therre and Joong Han Lee. Both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Swiss-Korean duo worked and gathered experiences simultaneously in the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland, before found their studio in Seoul, South Korea, in 2016.

TIEL offers creative direction, product, graphic and space design, focusing on research, concept development, and collaboration with professionals in different fields.


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POH 0500

The simplicity of the chair, the chair beyond what it seeks to express is the result of many thoughts that are not easy to make. What I wanted to do in designing the POH 0500 was how to design it to achieve a simple looking structure. It is also devising a way to not lose the aesthetics with the design of the structure that can support the user's load, which is the most important factor in designing the chair. So the design looks simple, but the POH 0500 has been completed with engineering through an intensive process. - Team project in Livart
 Material: powder-coated steel, plywood, aluminum Award: Selection, Good Design Award, Korea(KIDP) Production: 2011

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'긋다' Drawing

'Draw' is a table focused on proportional and shaping through the strength and intersection of lines as if drawing a stroke in space. The lines of the table reveal the structure and the weave, and sometimes have the shape of being disassembled and reassembled through the reflection of the pattern glass placed on it. The top plate of the table can be easily separated and the material and color can be changed according to the atmosphere and situation of the space. - Studio project: We design for ourselves.
 Material: powder-coated steel, patterned glass Production: not in production

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RDA 3008

The function of the table is simple. However, the number of available cases is infinite. RDA 3008 is not a specialist-focused table of existing office furniture. This product is designed in the form of using minimal elements to perform the role and functions of the table in any environment. I think that it is the form that the basic element of formative, the meeting of the face and the face, has to be the table which becomes the base of the furniture.

We wanted to maximize texture expression by visualizing the cool and solid image of aluminum and the warm feeling of wood through the contrast of straight lines and curves. - Team project in Livart
 Material: powder-coated steel, plywood, aluminum Award: Selection, Good Design Award, Korea(KIDP) Production: 2011

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The Contrast

"Stark contrast makes perfect harmony in some cases." The Contrast is a container where you keep your favorites. Designed to wrap the powder-coated steel plates, the Contrast’s ultimate focus is to emphasize stark contrast between light and shade. And the stark contrast makes perfect harmony in the container. - Studio project: We design for ourselves.
 Material: powder-coated steel, natural wood Production: not in production

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The 301G Chair is designed for a simple task in the office and for a mobile work environment. In addition, the 301G Chair is used of fabric finishing for comfortable use in home and office environment, and the weight is reduced by reducing the volume through the use of plastic material and the development of tilt mechanism. - Team project in Livart
 Material: plastic, fabric, sponge, metal and etc. Production: 2012

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WV Design Studio, 〈Design for us: Re-design〉, 2017. Used Hair Dryer, 213x212x94.

In the process of selecting a product for the studio project, we thought that if the designer had to make the final beauty, he would have to choose a hair dryer without hesitation. Every morning, the hair dryer we face is creating a visual pollution of the day, with absolutely comical shapes and tangle of wires. Just like every designer, we decided to make our own cool hair dryer. We thought so. We will redesign the dryer we were using.

WV Design studio is located in Seoul, South Korea with two designers, Chae Won-sik and Kim Bo-ryoung. They majored in industrial design and product design at Hongik University. After graduation, they worked as an office chair and electronics designer at Livart and Samsung. In 2013, they started their own work and opened the studio.

WV Design

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Peaked Hat Pendant and Wall Lighting Shade from Moili

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Material: yellow PP, felt, zipper, natural leather, Size : 400W X 380H (mm)

variation : various color & pattern fabric possible

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Admired the quirky simplicity of the Peaked Hat Pendant and Wall Lighting Shade

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Though their climates may differ, most areas of the world experience some form of seasonal change. The Peaked Hat Lighting Shade is inspired by the way our clothing/fashion changes between these seasons and offers a similar idea for interior spaces. Ranging from flowery prints for spring to warm felt material for winter, the light shades use a simple zipper and are easily interchangeable depending on the time of year.


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