choi junghwa, choi mikyung, nami makis

Choi Mikyoung from the furniture brand Roomscape planned and produced it. Like the motto of Roomscape that it was - 'spaces expressing the personality of life' - three artists of different personalities participated in the event.

Choi Mikyoung combined a realistic and traditional image with the Roomscape furniture as a concept of media conveying a past motive, while Choi Jeonghwa introduced a series of sofas and public chandeliers of diverse textures, while maintaining the basic furniture framework in terms of functions and forms. On the other hand, Nami Makishi produced some formative shelves relying on or attachable to the wall as a series of her hither-to office lines.

Modular Table Lava 86.4 x 86.4 x 72.4 cm
This table is designed for life on a moderate income and limited space, yet still tries to live a full life within means.

This table has two functional modes: work /dining. A grid structure allows the placement of nine dual-function panels. Each panel has a "mood creating element" such as wine, flowers, and so on, and a flat surface on the other side. This allows the owner to use the table as a work surface during the day, and at night the panels are flipped and arranged as preferred.

Objects to make workers office environment better. Sohui Won

Tab desk is for sharing one desk with many colleagues (by company rule)
Endless communicator is to keep chatting with other colleagues for the workers who cannot have the same moment of bteak time. corporated with ORANGE

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