Lighting Project Rice Noodle

Ribbon Stool,  2005, 22 L x 16 H x 11.5 W, Powder Coated Steel

Limited material to half sheet of 16 gauge steel. Limitation determined by human interaction assessiblity. Explored the behavorial tendencies of a sheet of steel and exploited its strength when giving it enclosed tight curves.

Embrace, 2005, 22 L x 22 W X 25 H, Pickled Birchwood, Laminated Cork, Fiberglass

To create a lightweight chair that is physically and visually light. The seat acts as a strechter and is simply screwed into from underneanth the frame.

Cup Me, 2006, 20 L x 20 W x 26 H, Maple, Basswood, Fiber glass

To create a chair where the seat, arms, back and front legs were one entity and back legs of a seperate material. The back legs are cupping the back while the seat is embracing the back legs. They work together to be functional.

Hyun Yoo

red is an chair that uses an innovative jining system and structure to allow flexible movement while maintaining it's astetethetic appeal. Half wooden panels are held up and joined with fabric in the middle which is laminated inbetween layers of plywood.

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