Sehwan Oh

Little KooN, a new name for kids specialty furniture.  KOON designs

TOTIBOX - A simple wooden box with soft cushions in various shapes and colours. Each cushion can be removed from the lid.
TOTIPOOL - An Interactive Playpen for Kids 'Contemporary British Design 2002', this final design has been invited to several international design fairs such as: <talents-Tendence 2002 International Frankfurt Fair>,<The 1st China Qingdao International Design Festival>, <Ambiente Japan 2003>.

TOTI Series Chair, Block, Closet

A multi-purpose chair that can be turned and placed just as the child wishes. Placed together they form a sofa or a bench for groups.

The year of creation: 2006       material: mortar, connected tempered glass, iron bar

Chairs and a table are interpreted as one part of a building in this work. I intended to create sharp image of this table set by using exposed concrete and tempered glass which are raw construction materials. The heaviness of concrete and clearness of glass are accentuated with static image of weightlessness.

Seongyong Lee

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