elly1 at triad gallery

nanobot was created when I was in ICU Digital Media Lab in 2005
totally 220 nanobots were made for exhibition

"Weapons of Mass Happiness" at Integrating Exhibition at Gwang-Ju, Korea

Ho Jun Song

oodesign studio

Project #1, Interrupted Behavior , Project #2, Interrupted Vision, Project #3, Interrupted Memory

After engaging in a myriad of interdisciplinary courses and creative design initiatives at RISD, I became interested in the ‘intentional and planned’ interference of human physical, sensational, and intentional behaviors as they increase the probability of new forms of creation. As witnessed in the influence that bipolar disorder and epilepsy had on Van Gogh’s painting technique and the cataract that induced Monet’s unique color scheme and style in his later works, the interruption of human logic, motor skills, and senses can play a significant role in inventing new modes of creative expression. In order to test this thesis, I developed devices that artificially induce physical, sensational, and intentional interferences for the subject. Then, I conducted three experiments to test the effects of intentional interruption upon artistic expression.

Meet by Accident

Jaekyung Jung

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