SOS 2008-2009 – Haptic social network
With Carnaven Chiu, Xiao Xiao, and Pei-Yu (Peggy) Chi

Stress OutSourced (SOS) is a peer-to-peer network that allows anonymous users to send each other therapeutic massages to relieve stress. By applying the emerging concept of crowdsourcing to haptic therapy, SOS brings physical and affective dimensions to our already networked lifestyle while preserving the privacy of its members. SOS is an exploration and illustration of a new field of haptic social networking.

Key Won Chung

V.A.J.P visual art jam performance with Lee Jin Wook
Pianist   : Lee Jin Wook, Director : Lumpens, Processing   : OCTAMIN


SEIL bag Bicycle riders use pouch or bagpack to Carry wallet, mobile phone and water bottle. Bicycle riders bbackpack is a must-have item for for outdoor activities. LED and flexible OCB applied Sell Bag is bicycle riders backpack for safe riding.

Fabrick Keyboard + UMPC Bag, Lighting Hat + Marble PC

Myung Soo Lee

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