Cinderella Children’s book illustration for Korean publishing company ‘Tamgu’ 2012

Cinderella Children’s book illustration for Korean publishing company ‘Tamgu’ 2012

Seoul National University Graduation Poster 2010

BoyeonChoi is a visual artist who draw from her experiences of daily adventures. Traveling, great books, a cup of coffee are her inspirations. After moving to NYC to pursue her Master at School of Visual Art in 2011

Bo yeon Choi

Alphabet Topography, Typeface - The Form of Language

The physical form of language is a record of collective memory.

In this monotype typeface, the height of the letterforms is determined by how often a letter is used. This typeface maps the rhythmic ebb and flow of English.

Each letter sits in a 6 x 6 inch square, allowing for any combination of letters to run seamlessly both vertically and horizontally.

Swell, Typeface & Installation - Borders, Posters

The absent digital acquires a physical presence through this complete digital open typeface. Letterforms reminiscent of the screen are realized by black tape.

Caspar Lam and YuJune Park make up Synoptic Office. Both Yale graduates and both prolific makers and educators within the design field, their collective output is that of two people with a keen awareness of graphics’ physicality and unerring ability to realise some occasionally high-concepts in a brilliantly communicative way.

Synoptic Office

'vanish' iida awards 2010

'this is a public poster that simply expresses the environmental change each country is going through using national flags with strong symbolism. each country is paying a high price for environmental pollution.

the period in which you could see a clear night sky is gradually disappearing due to air pollution in china; several japanese cities are being submerged in water from the rise of sea levels due to global warming; and the ice cap of the alps, which is the symbol of switzerland, might melt away right before our eyes.

we are destroying the irreversible earth. it is regretful because it seems that we are living without thinking about the future. the protection of the environment is now a must and not an option.'

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