is reattempting to create the Korean passport as a public design.
Even though the interests in public items are growing, we still perceive them
with an old-fashioned point of view. But clearly it has to be a part of essential signs which we can understand easily and simply.
The outcome of this project is not only to produce the design proposal but also to acknowledge the importance of one’s development of public design.

1. symbol of re-PASSPORT
It represents the 'Tae-geuk' mark, but not in a traditional way.
From the Korean flag, we've commonly seen the country's character, so
this becomes an attempt to modernize it.
This half circle expresses a unique 'Tae-geuk' character through combination.

2. symbol of the Airplane 'enjoy your flight'
As the icon of an airport and an airbus, the plane mark is the best way to let people
recognize their pleasure and expectation when they first arrive at the
airport, this symbol was made to fulfill the satisfaction in one's journey.

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