Artwork for High Powered Boys 12

Illustration series for Paris L.A. magazine.


röyksopp, “the understanding” album cover

Sanghon Kim

Kinki University  Japan   2013

Prisma, Poster, 2010

The prism can be commonly represented as reflecting the spectrum of colors. This poster was limited to black ink so another solution was approached by using the breaking and distorting qualities of a prism. The glass itself was laid over the title and images directly and made its own interpretation that became the poster.

Friidrott, Typeface + Poster, 2009

I had a team project with Cristina and Stina. The aim is to make Friidrott (Track and field in Sweden) popular to young people. During the research on them, We found that the association focus too much on record, not on public. So they did not do any activity for public. In order to get attention from youth, we suggested helding an informal competition on the local base. Young people can join the event on every September 9, 9/9, with their own costumes to enjoy the sports naturally. moreover, we found that word ‘Friidrott’ is arised from fri(free) and idrott(sports). How beautiful it is! the design that contains fun and sport will make people remind of the original meaning of the word ‘Friidrott” by feeling closer to Friidrott. In addition, we made a new typeface which is based on the shape of track.

Kyuhyung Cho

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