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Dongick Lee is an environment and character designer

Publisher : Golden Tree Press, an imprint of Dream Character, Inc.

Spring is here and just as the grass starts to get green and plants poke up from the ground, a new book about colors arrived in the mail for us to review.

A Most Vivid Day! is the story of Tommy, a young bat who has only known the dim world of nighttime until he meets a caterpillar who teaches him about color. After deciding to stay up to see the colors for himself, Tommy meets the sun, teaches animals and clouds how to share, becomes the “most colorful bat in the whole world,” and finally helps the sun paint the world. The story ends with Tommy asleep as the sun sets and the moon arrives to cover the world in dark colors of night.

Written and illustrated by Justin Young, the story’s watercolor illustrations bring the reader along on Tommy’s adventures through the grays and blacks of nighttime and into the bright colors of the day.

measured emotions 2009/10

phase of the moon 2010/11

Eva Eun-Sil Han was born 1972 in Kangwondo, South Korea. She was first introduced to collage in primary school. As a child she loved to play with papers, like “drawing paper, paper dolls, cutting them out, making their outfits.” She studied for two years at the Design Institute of Graphic Art in Seoul, Korea and one year at the L’Atelier d’Art de la Grange des Champs, Belgium.

afternoon pencil_gouache on paper 50.5cm x60.5cm

nothig is real pencil on paper 50.5 cm x 60.5 cm

My work has involved the creation of conceptually based psychological objects and I use many geometric lines which helps me express my subconscious mind.

We can see people’s face emotions but how about if we can measure their emotions through shapes of geometry? Our emotions play an important role throughout the span of our lives because they enrich virtually all of our waking moments with either a pleasant or an unpleasant quality. I was wonder if we can measure our emotions with shapes of geometry.

To realize this emotional state in geometric shapes, I use many other type of colors and patterns papers cutting out images from magazines or vintage books using collage technique with mixed media such as oil painting or an acrylic.

eva eun-sil han

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