Korable Block is an interactive tool for learning the Korean alphabet. Created by New York City designer Si-Yeon Min, it is the first hands-on Korean language game of its kind. Korable Block, a wordplay on “Korean syllable,” is made of four wooden blocks hand-printed with Korean alphabet characters. The blocks can be combined to create over 120 single-syllable words including numbers, days of the week, foods, nature words, body parts, and more.

Korable Block is entirely handmade in the USA. The blocks, tray, and silk-screened corrugated box are handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by legendary block makers at Uncle Goose. The booklet is printed in Brooklyn, New York.

Korable Block

Plug Tail, designer - Jin Hui Jo , size 60 × 84 × 103 mm

Bottle ring, designer - Tsunho Wang / Hakhyeon Ryu.size 85 x 140 x 30mm


Stance™ Collection 2010 KOHLER
A definitive expression of contemporary design, the Stance faucet collection asserts itself with strong, architectural lines. Featuring refined angles and edges, the faucet collection offers a striking design statement for modern living spaces. Lavatory faucets with water-saving aerators, bath fillers and high-performance showering components let you create a coordinated, modern bathroom.

Oblo® lavatory faucet 2009 KOHLER
The world·s first touchless faucet to last 30 years. Insight faucets with the Hybrid energy system combine adaptive infrared technology with regenerative power to perform for decades to come. No maintenance. No batteries. No hassles.

Oblo® lavatory faucet 2009 KOHLER
The sleek, contemporary look of Oblo reflects Euro-modern bathroom styling with global appeal. Minimalist in tone, this Oblo sink faucet boasts a striking profile with elongated lines. It features two oval handles for comfortable operation, as well as easy-to-install and leak-free UltraGlide™ valves.

Duck Young Kong

Real wood textured Notes

Paper is made from trees, however, it lost its own identity to become a paper.
Woodpecker notebook brings back trees’ own feature and try to reflect beauty of nature.
It shows an appreciation of all the trees have done for us and wish for harmonized world.

Efforts for the environment
Woodpecker notebooks are made from FSC certificated woods and 30% recycled paper pulp.

Oriental white oak, Pine tree, Ginkgo, Platanus, White birch
Amount : 96pages
Material : Paper
Type : Ruled, Plain

moon glass

Alcohol at the moonlight may be tasted sweeter.
Between the moon and alcohol, there is something delicate attraction.
Like the moon is filled up and emptied. A drink either. And both things can be drink by people.


Totem is a set of stackable cups for use in your bathroom or kitchen. Each cup has three bumps around the top circumference to keep them slightly separated when stacked so air can flow around the entire surface and dry them faster than normal stacked cups.

Seung Jun Jeong

Inspired by deep sea fish, kiddie lunchbags, and that scene in Romeo and Juliet where they stare at each other through the fish tank. Snaksak encourages you to get past your fears and take risks… all the while keeping your lunch from being crushed into unrecognizable bits.

Joyce H Kim

Basic Brown Scarf

Orange Polo Shirt

Bed, Blue & Red - collaboration with Bonho & Partner

“Small’s” is a lifestyle brand for our small animals, like doggies and cats.Navy blue and dark red colors mean love & safe.
Two graphic designers and one vet, one animal lover started a company and named it “Smalls & Co.”. Our first brand is “Small’s”.

We make props like clothing, safe equipments, toys, healthy foods.
And we make them in good looking, good quality, good taste.

Small’s & Co

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