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Meditating with Candle man.

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Candleman is a candle made based on the personified character of a candle and the world’s first platform candle grafting platform method.

Size: 80 X 53 X 200 mm, Burnig time: 7hours, Material: Soy wax 60% + Paraffin wax 40%, Color: White

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Taking its shape from an individual engaged in meditative practice, ‘candle-man’ by design studio AND projects a sense of calm in sculptural form. one can customize the candle to suit their personality through altering its shape or color composition. each piece is constructed via a complex grafting process and composed of soy and paraffin wax.

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‘AND’is as an abbreviation of the art & design, arts-oriented companies that are producing interior goods.


Merry Cloud , 97x57x50mm, ABS
designer - Yu Ju Hyun

Tape dispenser to help you stay connected to nature in your city or at the office. This could be the sun shining through the clouds, or the seven colors of the rainbow hanging after the rain stops. Just place your favorite tape into the dispenser.

POP TOP Stopper,  85x40x40mm, PC, Silicon
designer -  Jae Hyuk Lee

“POP TOP Stopper” is a handy wine stopper to keep wine fresh and tasty.


Solid Beech or Walnut, Silicon O-ring, Food safe finish

3nub (circle): 10in diameter (10.875 with nub)
4nub (rectangle): 9in x 12in (with nubs)

Solid wood cheese/serving boards. Nubs with silicon o-rings keep boards from slipping as well as elevated to keep bottom clean and dry.

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