Daily Life Wall Clock

This wall clock doesn't indicate time by number and hands. instead, the figures of a grandmother, grandchild and dog represent the hour, minute and second hands.
silhouettes of nature and daily life are arranged around the clock, and each figure moves through these scenes to represent the time.

BGM project

The concent area of multitab is disributed with proper intervals on electrical wires, which allows you to plug in the electrical wires of each electronic devices in a very proper place.

Connect Design

W 165mm x L 165mm x H 293

Buckal , Hankook Seragh

X-tape [hinge] printed packaging tape 2010 , opp. 50mm x 45mm

X Tape series with the printed image of "joining" on box sealing tape, make optical illusion and visualized the origonal function of tape.


Ego Slide Case has the characteristics of the slimmest design concept in all iphon 4 slide case. Material : (Lexan EXL) Ice Hokey Helmet material is used therefore its strength is superb. Inner material is used whit porum cushion film to protect the product at its max.


Li-polymer 3.7V 180mah, FM 87.5~106 MHZ, 37x19x26 mm, 17g


Ginkgo, new series of 'Leaf-it' Size _ Large - 85 x 55(mm) / Small - 70 x 40(mm)

Package Size (3 Leaves) _ 150 x 200(mm) / Count _ 20 sheets x 3 leaves (60 sheets)
Package Size (1 Leaf) _ 70 x 100(mm) / Count _ 20 sheets

'Flower Tissue' inspired from flowers.

Facial tissue, Paper, 45 x 190 x 140 mm, 50 sheets x 2 packs


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