Basic Brown Scarf

Orange Polo Shirt

Bed, Blue & Red - collaboration with Bonho & Partner

“Small’s” is a lifestyle brand for our small animals, like doggies and cats.Navy blue and dark red colors mean love & safe.
Two graphic designers and one vet, one animal lover started a company and named it “Smalls & Co.”. Our first brand is “Small’s”.

We make props like clothing, safe equipments, toys, healthy foods.
And we make them in good looking, good quality, good taste.

Small’s & Co

Full Moon Odyssey (Floor Circle Mattress)

Full Moon Odyssey is a floor mattress that gives you a dream-like experience as if you are sleeping on the moon. Inviting you from the real world into the dream world, the Full Moon Odyssey redefines your environment with a different perspective integrating art and science. Unlike any other mattresses, the Full Moon Odyssey breaks down the borders of dream and reality through imagination. In collaboration with astrophotographer, Chin Wei Loon, the Full Moon Odyssey provides not only your own moon fantasy, but also supports donation programs for children.   


Perhaps you may have been annoyed with messily twisted wires of your earphone when trying to listen to music while walking down the street.
They also slip down to make you upset when you hang them around your neck to stop listening and do other stuffs. Besides, it is said that the bacteria in our ears increase 700 times an hour while we put the earphone in our ears. We designed this product in order to settle these problems.

Yoon Sang Kim

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