Food Arts DECEMBER 2006

Korean culinary expert Lim Ji-ho has a magazine article titled, “2006: Korea Captures The Stage: A Cuisine That’s A Surprise to the West” which was held in June at United Nations headquarters in New York as part of the Third U.N.-Korean Food Festival designed for head chefs from around the world.

cone kranz - A-ryung Lim

By using limited and classic materials, existing Kranzes are usually a bit heavy and old fashioned. Yet, nowadays many florists are trying many different kinds of Kranzes with different materials with various designs. Wooden papers are materials which are usually used for food decorations. It is made by slicing pine trees, so the texture is tough and it is easily torn pattern wise. This Kranz design which the artist has made is mainly made of this wooden paper so that it gives a cheerful light impression to the audience.

waterfall kranz

The ring shape of a Kranz stands for eternal love. Different from other Floral designs, as Kranzes usually have their own characteristic by their shapes, nobody has dare tried to make a Kranzb in a different shape.

However, the artist has tried to get rid of this idea and created a Kranz which is running down by drawing an extensional line.

Drawing with flowers - Eunho Kim
When drawing flowers and plants on Oriental drawing papers with light and shade, it is usually called ‘HwaHweHwa (花卉畵). Through this piece of work, the artist has tried to express the beauty of flowers and trees and the blank place which usually appears on a traditional Korean painting, but onto a 3 dimensional space so that the audience could be a part of the artwork and feel the artwork itself.

Redefining traditions by floral designing  - Jiseon Park.
The floral design which florist Jiseon Park’s suggesting starts from an inquiry into tradition. Traditions from the past are analyzed subjectivity and it is understood differently under different circumstances. When talking about tradition, continuance is not necessary. Through this artwork, the florist is trying to redefine the meaning of traditional material culture, pattern of thinking and acting in the past, and the expression of certain events or a people etc.

Match it  - Sunhye Yang
The Famous Korea ‘Hanbok’ designer Lee Young hee said, she would rather let herself be exposed in the rain if she cannot find an umbrella matching her outfit. As we choose a gift to make it match the taste of the receiver, corsages have to match a personal taste. Florlady has invited a charismatic imaginary guest. And the corsages which were given out to all the guests were designed for this virtual guest.

exhibition- 23/06/07- 28/06/07at BMH

Florlady is a project group which, 4 florists made together to express their inspirations. Their recent exhibition was the first tryout of approaching floral design by giving extensional meanings in different ways.


vase from nature - Floral, steel, grass - Jeeyoung Yoon

coexistence - Flowers, table, red king crab, mushroom -  Kim, Saerom

re_make - Floral. Glass. Wood - Hyunjin Park

doughnuts - bark , bog moss , moss - Hyomi Kim

folwer boutique first exhibition BMH

Flower & Object , Visual merchandising Style Wind

gardening wedding display party decoration

BMH Exhibition ROSA SPP. 9.23-28 / Floral Design

Expectation, 08.2006 Magnolia kobus
Busan Biennale 2006 Sea Art Fstival Living Funiture

A magnolia indures a freezing winter and prepares to bloom on one fine spring day.
Magnolias bloom with a sweet gentle scent before the the leaves come out.
Narrowly escaping yet crossing two lines, tenses up the atmosphere. By displaying limited flowers between the crossing branches,this figure harmonizes the flowers and the empty space

Rebirth 08.2006 Boughs, Opium poppy

Opium poppy is considered as noble and beautiful as the Queen ‘Yang Kwi Bi’ from the Chinese Dang Dynasty in many Eastern countries. The Oriental style vase and the Opium poppy present a perfect match. Also, the wavy boughs and Opium poppies create a beautiful Oriental harmony with each other. The matching texture and color of the vase and boughs show unification and they make the vase look fuller. This piece of work doesn’t only show the beauty of the vase and the flower separately, but it shows the beauty of the harmonized vase and flowers.

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