In order to realize design which makes people’s lives rich, we need materials, tools and processes which are compliant to it. Although we put away the area which is mechanized, still we have many areas human has to make it with hands and tools.

Interior work, building maintenance, wall papering and landscape architecture are the examples. Ladders, scaffolds or work stands are playing an important role in work sites. Nevertheless, the role of the work stands is only considered as ‘Foot stand.’

In this meaning, I would like to pioneer this area where design is not still considered in order to raise efficiency, more safety and make it to play pivotal role in sites.

Sungi Kim

The MINIMA is a classic example of how important form is in the design process. The adorable lattice style for keypads and the wood finish, relay a completely organic look. Specific attention to details like the camouflaged secondary display on the outer flip and bamboo look.

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