Pablo's heart 01 (PB-01) experimental electronic instrument
hardware engineering by Junkyu Ko
software engineering by Jaewon Bang
model / performance by Cindy Sizer

CCollaborated and inspired by young indie artists in Seoul, PB-01 is a next generation electronic sampler which experiments with the sound in different mediums. The instrument elaborates with taking the analogue characters of existing instruments and transcending it to the digital, making it an innovative DJ performance culture. Instead of pressing buttons to trigger sound, you can play the sound samples with different units such as the horn and string unit inside the instrument. Also the sensitive body can be tapped and moved to amplify and transform the sound in different pitches and tunes. The user can perform and play with them in different ways where creativity allows. Pablo’s Heart was inspired by the form of the AK-16 gun that was a symbolic figure as a tool for destruction, the idea was to shift it to the idea of creation.

Rhea Jeong

Named after Henry Dreyfuss, the designer of the Model 302 and other iconic telephones, the Dreyfuss Special is a stereo speaker made from an upcycled telephone handset. As many of Dreyfuss's original phones were constructed from Bakelite, they are nearly immune to breaking down in landfills. Designers Jinsop Lee and Justin Kim claim on their site that they did not set out to recycle an existing product (saying that it is "a decent looking product that worked well, and just happened to use a recycled component"), but we think it's a marvelous reincarnation of outdated yet classic tech put to modern use. The form of the design passes from one generation to the next, as the nearly defunct landline gets repurposed as a portable MP3 speaker.

Design: Justin Sung Kim, Jinsop Lee
Manufacturer: Uncle Oswald Is My Hero

People not only write with pen. Other than writing, often we draw lines with pen. Most time people use ruler to draw a straight line or free hand which results winding line. This invention is regarding a method to draw straight line without using ruler. Normally, ball point pen freely rolls in accordance with a ball that located at the tip of pen.

This device is to apply a controlling condition to a ball in order to rolls to only one direction. Let’s draw a straight line with a ball that has restrained with directivity. With added ruling device feature, the length of line will be measurable. Even people can draw an exact length of straight line as desired. The total length of line will be indicated on the product by installed measuring wheel. The mounting area is made with a flexible rubber material to provide the best tightness. This product can draw horizontal and vertical lines in addition to 45 angled lines. By using this product, people can draw under lines, tables and desired length of straight lines.


Giha Woo

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